Tallahassee Police Department perform wrestling move on college aged young man in the All Saints neighborhood on Saturday 3/27/2022

Video Emerges of TPD Slamming Young Man’s Head into Pavement That They Were Handcuffing

Tallahassee Police Department seen on video lifting young man off the ground to slam his head into the pavement during an arrest in the All Saints neighborhood.

// March 27, 2022,

12:15 am

Updated:March 28, 2022

Late Saturday night, a video emerged of an arrest in progress between a young man and the Tallahassee Police Department in the All Saints Neighborhood

The video shows a male TPD officer slamming a young man on his head on the pavement in the All Saints neighborhood. 

State Attorney Jack Campbell looks on during a March 2022 Leon County Commission meeting discussing decriminalization of marijuana.
State Attorney Jack Campbell looks on during a March 2022 Leon County Commission meeting discussing decriminalization of marijuana. | OurTallahassee.com
Chief Lawrence Revell at Tallahassee City Commission Meeting
TPD Chief of Police Lawrence Revell watches before he takes questions after his controversial paid speaking engagement at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, November 2021 | OurTallahassee.com
Just seconds before they were placing him in handcuffs.
Tallahassee Police Department policy closely dictates acceptable ‘take down’ methods. Police Departments all across the country banned the “thigh lock” technique in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.

It is unlikely that the officers “wrestling move inspired” suplex maneuver is an approved Tallahassee Police Department technique. 

The narrators in the video, who filmed the video from an elevated position in the hotel across the street can be heard saying that the young man was smoking when the officers approached him.
This is a developing story…


March 27, 2022

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5 Responses

  1. His Head was NOT slammed on the concrete. Actually look at the Video and don’t listen to the idiot Girls. His Head NEVER touched the ground UNTIL they rolled him over.

  2. His Head NEVER touched the Concrete until the Officer rolls him over and HE lays his head down. Watch the Video, watch his Head the WHOLE time.

  3. David T. Hawkins, even if you are correct in your observation, would you say this ‘attempt’ to drop this citizen on his head was an appropriate maneuver during this arrest, especially from what looks like full cooperation from the person being arrested?

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