Three Tallahassee Firefighters Announced Resignations Over the Weekend Citing City Management

All three point to issues around city management, compensation and mistreatment by city hall executives.

Over the weekend, three Tallahassee firefighters announced their resignations from the Tallahassee Fire Department on social media. All three blamed city management.

“My grievances lie solely with the City of Tallahassee and the majority of its elected and appointed officials. I wish the best for my brothers and sisters at TFD and I pray this city will soon elect the leaders it deserves,” said Tallahassee Firefighter T.J. Roche in a post announcing his resignation. Roche has been with the department for four and a half years.

“We dedicate ourselves to respond when the alarm sounds no matter the circumstance. However, for the last year (plus) the frontline members of TFD have sounded their own alarm and have gotten no response from the elected and appointed “leaders” of the Capital,” Roche said.

“Unfortunately the City of Tallahassee “leadership” continues to stall, misinform, and put their personal and political agendas ahead of doing what is right. With my back against the wall I did what any hardworking man/woman, husband/wife or mother/father would do. Instead of waiting for help to arrive I went and found it myself. I found help by accepting a firefighter position at another department” Roche said.

“The decision to leave my hometown, family, friends and a department I have grown to love and appreciate was gut wrenching,” Roche said.

Firefighters have been at a standstill for more than a year on contract negotiations. The City says that they have “an amazing” deal on the table, while firefighters say it is a paltry one.

‘Lack of Respect’: Two More Resignations Follow

Tallahassee Firefighter Lieutenant Danny Pruitt also resigned over the weekend, pointing to recent actions by city leadership in a post.

In a third post over the weekend, Tallahassee Firefighter Engineer Corey Frazier announced his resignation as well, remarking on the lack of respect from the city administration and the inability to support a family on a firefighter’s salary.

“I have never dreamed of the day I would no longer be a firefighter,” Frazier said. “The lack of respect from the city administration, and the continued pushing of an agenda against the men and women of TFD is the sole reason for my leaving.” The city’s treatment of Firefighters has come to a fever pitch over the past few months. As the city continues to stonewall negotiations and compensation increases, more firefighters are leaving the department.

“The inability to support my family with a full time job as a firefighter is embarrassing,” Frazier says he loves the profession. “I’ve spent nearly 10 years as a firefighter and I don’t regret 1 minute. I love this career and always will.” Frazier ended by expressing his continued support for his fellow firefighters, “To the firefighters in Tallahassee – keep fighting. I’ll now root for you from the outside.”

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One Response

  1. Is it true that the mayor’s obstinance is retaliation for not getting an endorsement?

    It was only a few weeks ago that the mayor threatened to take away fire services from county residents after someone offered to assist in negotiations. That incident sparked a threat from the mayor to take away fire services from County residents.

    I believe what we have is an unhinged mayor who does not have the temperament needed to serve the citizens he took an oath to serve.

    The city manager shows no leadership and is solely a waterboy to the mayo precipitating other deficiencies such as massive sewage spills, developments in noncompliance, environmental fines, and a huge airport deal falling apart. Although, everyone knew the airport deal was a campaign publicity stunt and was not based on a solid foundation to begin with.

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