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  1. Good for Chief Gaines. That kind of behavior from any official should be grounds for immediate resignation and legal recourse for shaking down a citizen and employee like a nefarious mob boss.

  2. Reese Goad thanks that being the city manager you can behave this way with no ramifications. I’m sure the truth will come out and when it does he should be fired. I have worked with the city over 30 years when I retired and there’s plenty of stories that are going around that Reese has always been a bully. Reese do us all a favor and quit so we don’t have to go through this investigation and more bad press for the City of Tallahassee.
    Chief Gaines thank you for your leadership and not allowing the city manager‘s actions to tarnish the reputation you have in this community.

  3. It is important that the ethics charges found against Rick Fernandez and Andrew Gillum were not file by the Ethics Board but rather Dr. Erwin Jackson, a local businessman who refused to close his eyes to the political corruption in Tallahassee!

    1. I first got to know Mr. Jackson when he successfully fought the biomass proposal during Mayor John Marks’s term. Say what you will, I and other “progressives” owe him a debt of gratitude for his role in exposing local government corruption in Tallahassee.

    2. Thanks for this advice, Mr. Jackson. I think any citizen who has observed what seems to be an irregularity in the way business is conducted by our government has a right to ask questions and this may very likely end up requiring one to file a complaint. I am unaware if citizens are actually doing this. Regarding complaints to the independent ethics board, are complaints always anonymous and often ineffective because they are insufficient in some way? As outsiders, all we mere citizens have to go by is how we are treated, how our objections are overlooked and how difficult it is to acquire the inside information on which to base a complaint. For example, I looked for and found a link on the County’s webpage to file a PRR (public record request) and it consisted of an email address which was BOCCPublicRecordsRequests@leoncountyfl.gov. No name was associated with this email address and there was no form to fill out so I wonder what the efficacy of sending an email into the wild blue yonder. I will go ahead and do it. I guess. The Supervisor of Election’s website actually has a form to fill out on its website but the reply I received was basically an “information dump” that was incredibly unwieldly and ultimately impossible to use. Any advice on how to cut through the red tape which starts to feel like a smoke screen?

  4. Hi! Thanks for this article on Ben Pingree. Much appreciated! It’s time that big money and big developers stop running the show around here.

  5. So sad that it’s come to begging for something to be done. Someone has got to stand up and take charge to keep our community safe. Thank you Commissioner Dozier! Shame on you Chairman Minor for not having the strength to lead.

  6. The only thing worse than refusing to call a special meeting is denying that you refused to do it while still not doing anything.

    Call the meeting, Rick!

  7. How truly tragic that people can be this narrow in their vision, or lack thereof. I pray that Tallahasseee is better than this. I’ll not address the multitudes of misinformation or vitriolic insinuations. It’s time to stop this and pull this community together. It’s always easier to destroy than to create. I’m sure Sue Dick and Jay Smith would welcome a dialogue.

    1. Ms. Martin, Please point out the misinformation and “vitriolic insinuations”? The truth may sting the prominent leaders of the Chamber but only the truth will pull this community together, not well-placed pleas like yours to come together. If Sue Dick and Jay Smith want to dialogue, let them stand up for themselves publicly and right the record. Until then, I’ll just go with well-documented proof of the Chambers complicity in corruption.

  8. I haven’t read the article yet – it appears hard to read on my phone; I’ll check it out on a laptop – but I wanted to commend you on putting your names on it.

    I’ve agreed with your positions and appreciated previous articles, but I didn’t like the anonymity. So thank you for opening up.

  9. Get another cup of coffee and read it thoroughly. A very long but very important read.
    I greatly appreciate this thorough and candid article that every citizen should read.
    Many of us who’ve long resisted the Chamber’s actions aiding and abetting the corruption in misuse of our tax monies are pleased to have it said out loud.

  10. Thank you for your in-depth report and analysis. I suspect that the Chamber will remain relevant as Tallahassee is far from removing, or even beginning to remove, the ingrained, and now inbred, corrupting influence of the triumvarate. But there are others, many of whom were there then, and remain there now. And they will still have access to a $90-million slush fund made available by the efforts of the likes of Burnette and Imagine Tallahassee. To fund the Chambers’s greed, and to line the pockets of others, the citizens of Leon County lost out on a lot of essential infrastructure. In 20 years, when we and those who set up that fiasco are gone, I hope those that follow us are not left with the question, “What did they do with all that money?”

    1. @ Henree…

      How are businesses benefitted by political hacks, elected officials, and nonprofits attending on the taxpayers dime? Most local businesses I know of don’t attend the Chamber Junket because they are too busy trying to make a living and don’t have time for such nonsense.

      How many local businesses are licensed to do business in Leon County and the City of Tallahassee? How many attend the conference? The Tallahassee Chamber and Sue Dick pad this ridiculous event with political hacks, elected officials, insider special interests, and nonprofits and does not benefit anybody except themselves. It has reverted into a corrupt enterprise that is counter productive to the businesses in Tallahassee and Leon County.

      Your letter a few years ago supporting City Commissioner Maddox to abandon the superintendent position (because he had no chance of winning) and remain a City Commissioner was sad that you are so far off the mark in discernment. You are a continuous supporter of an elected official who was so deep in corruption and couldn’t even manage to live in his district… and therefore, should have never qualified — shows an aloofness to the citizenry.

  11. keep digging there is more to this sad story,five years? These clowns get only 5 years, Mary jame will make jd more money then he can ever spend, while he serves his time,were ever that may be, Devo is Devo sorry no good words for him, amazon? they will come stay a few years and bail on tallahassee leaving yet one more empty retail building. And the retail,”build it and they will come and fail” circle we have going will start all over again, someone is making money somehow on empty retail,eateries and failed business, PSSSST can i sell you unneeded student housing or a crappy hotel?

  12. Here’s a little factoid to share with your readers:
    A number of years ago as Leon County Commissioner at-Large, I pushed for a county wide charter amendment to reduce the maximum amount of money in local political campaigns from $500 to $250.
    The commission voted 4-3 and my proposal was put before the voters in the next election.

    Prior to Election Day, I was invited by Sue Dick to make a presentation to the Chamber Executive Committee detailing why I thought my proposal would be a good thing for Tallahassee. I appeared before the Chamber group. As I started to make my statement, the Chamber’s lawyer/lobbyist Rick Bateman stood up at the end of the table, took out his wallet, slammed it on the table and said, “Commissioner, you may have the votes of the people to push your liberal agendas but this is what we have to influence the way things go in this county.” Stunned for the moment, I stood up, smiled, and said “well I assume this concludes this meeting”.

    On Election Day, Leon County voters overwhelmingly passed the charter amendment limiting all county elected candidates from accepting no more than $250 for each election cycle (I would have preferred that the amount be lowered to $100 but as a compromise I agreed to $250). I believe the City of Tallahassee followed suit at a later time and reduced their maximum allowable to $250 as well. I think the voters made a statement with that referendum. Of course, there are still many ways to get around financial contribution limits, and our work is not done. But it was a beginning and, to the point of your article, The Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce bitterly fought to defeat it! In this case, I believe the voters won. Today, Florida’s local candidates, excepting Leon and the City of Tallahassee, are allowed by state law to raise $1,000 per electoral cycle. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think we sent a message. The message was that the best “currency” in politics are (or should be) ideas and policy considerations and not just who gets the most money from whom.

  13. There are actually very qualified and honest community members who “could” also run for public office in Leon County not mentioned in this article. Why don’t they throw their hats in the ring? Maybe they don’t want to have to spend all their time raising obscene amounts of money in order to get name recognition in the media and have the amount of money they raise used as an index of their worthiness. Dear media, Stop with the horserace analysis of candidates based on how much money they raise…Whoa Bessie! Try focusing on what they have to say about local issues, and their proposed solutions and track records of success as community activists and leaders.

  14. Do you mean to say that just yesterday, Sept 30th-
    The Tallahassee Chief of Police was voluntarily at Billy Graham’s explicitly and blatantly homophobic retreat center, giving a talk?!
    That is scandalous.
    That is not what he should be doing during his work week, while paid to be serving our city. Which includes our gay and lesbian chuldren and families.

    The LGBTQ groups at FSU and FAMU should get this information right away. Everyone needs to know this.
    Thank you for your reporting.

  15. It’s apparent that most of our fellows are unaware of this disaster. This article is easily shared and that will help. I wrote and printed a petition demanding that the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency fins any and all means of reversing their decision and allow citizen input for the use of the money. Anyone can write a letter; anyone can start a petition. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be plain, direct language and have signatures

  16. At the risk of sounding like
    I’m defending this decision… It seems the author is mad at FSU for something our elected officials have done. Why invest all your words talking up Jimbo Fisher and disparaging other coaches while also oddly pointing out what a good idea college town has turned out to be with barely a mention of the officials who made the decision on how to spend your tax dollars? Seems like misplaced ire to me.

  17. An exceptional analysis of one of the central factors in Tallahassee’s ongoing decline from mediocrity.

    Keep it coming. Nothing scatters the cockroaches like a bright light.

  18. Isn’t it unethical under the ethics code to receive gifts or attend “all expenses paid” events? Or did the City/taxpayers pay for it? Has anyone filed an ethics complaint? Hmmm.

  19. This is why church and state are supposed to be separate

    Because one man’s magical, invisible, sky monkey does not get a say in my civil rights

  20. Honestly if I hadn’t already quit the station ( due to poor covid policies) this would have me walking out the damn door. This guy is a joke.

  21. His number one priority is to proselytize his department? Forgive me for being naïve, but I always thought that a police chief’s number one priority is supposed to be to “protect and serve” their community.

  22. For those of you who do not know, or have forgotten, our loyalties are as follows.
    1. GOD
    2. Family
    3. Work and other things
    God is always first, and if he is not in your life, he should be.

    1. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, he is a public employee. Therefore he is required to obey the Constitution of the United States which explicitly separates Church and State. If he cannot do that, then he has no business being a public employee.

      Also consider this: Your religious freedom ends at the tip of your nose. What you personally believe is your business and your business alone. You have no right to try and force anyone else to believe in your religion.

      1. The United States Constitution does not state in so many words that there is a separation of church and state. The first part of the First Amendment to the Constitution states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Therefore, it is more accurate to say that the Constitution promotes freedom of religion and prohibits the federal government from inhibiting its citizens’ ability to worship as they wish.

    2. Your personal loyalties should not have to be the loyalties of all those around you. It is just as important to respect others personal values as it is to respect your own. Though you have the freedom to believe in what you believe you do not have the freedom to tell others what they should or should not believe. People have the freedom to believe in god just as much as people have the freedom not to believe in god.

  23. I listened to Police Chief Revel’s message from start to finish and it it was very encouraging and enlightening to know we have him as our Police Chief in Tallahassee. He never once said anything about or against “gay people”. He said he wanted to treat every person as Christ Jesus treats us and he wants his officers to do the same. I am proud to have him as our Police Chief. Sincerely, Linda

  24. “If so, the chairman shouldn’t just put it in emails to supporters; he needs to march down to the Secretary of State’s office, file a complaint requesting an investigation, and hold a press conference.”

    Hope Diaz does this. Otherwise, it’s just another unsubstantiated claim.

  25. Police unions are too powerful. Yes they should be a guarantor of due process, first amendment rights, etc. But blindly lining up to support this bigot isn’t their responsibility.

  26. I appreciate Erwin Jackson who is “mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore.” I care not his political affiliation as we ordinary citizens do not have the knowledge and guts he has had to disclose the incompetence and grift that our local governments have allowed to continue for years and of which many of us have been the victim, regardless of political party of persuasion.

  27. I will never understand how the people who gave JT Burnett taxpayer funds for this hotel are not being prosecuted. The hotel renovation disrupted the entire beautiful Downtown City for far too long. It was not worth the result. That being said the result was a fiasco, unattractive, and not cohesive with the rest of the downtown design.

    I don’t know who allowed the new rooftop Double Tree Bar to be named Eve on Adams. It is not funny, it is not appropriate, but it is vulgar. Which seems to be an underlying theme with many of the players.

    If the Supervisor of Elections Office had held Scott Maddox accountable to the district rule he would not be going to jail. Perhaps neither would J T Burnett. People in Tallahassee really need to step-up their discernment and not kowtow to The Usual Suspects.

  28. I’ll tell you this.. he was a STAND UP MAN during the Dream Defenders sit in. He worked for Alan Williams at that time. He was able to help us feed the protesters EVERY DAY they were there. He NEVER missed a beat and he was there every step of the way. Period!

  29. Stand strong Mr. Revell!
    Seems people always have to have a reason to create chaos.
    So many more important things to focus on other than what you do with your personal time.
    Kudos to you for being fearless and not letting your foundation crumble.

  30. Don’t back down Chief Revell. The hate-filled LGBTQ-XYZ movement doesn’t get to rule over you. I support you 100%

  31. What is there about money designated to end blight in neglected communities that draws the rich, the developers and the FSU boosters and all? Why do they continue to devise ways to take our tax dollars when we have so many needs related to blight: housing stock, public transportation, streets and lighting needs…and on and on. I’m thinking that Blueprint.. which has been taken over by the Maddox-Burnett cabal are “in place” to redirect the mission of tax dollars. We’ve had to repeatedly argue with these people who are paid by us but who refuse to do what we ask… what we need. It’s truly ridiculous that this city has been taken over by these people who clearly think they “know better” what we need. I’m sure they are having some great laughs about how they’ve undermined all efforts for this community to fix itself. They’ve directed money to remove people’s neighborhood, replaced the neighborhoods with trails and plaques and murals. It’s totally disgusting to watch how this is playing out and how THE PEOPLE can’t stop it… This next election will give us another chance to rid our local government of folks who only listen to developers, cabalists and anyone not for the people.

  32. If these same dollars were used in the recent renovations of FAMU’s stadium, I wish they would use some more funds to renovate the restrooms at Bragg Stadium as well. FAMU is becoming a national player in NCAA football, and their ENTIRE stadium facility should be reflective of that.

    I think that among and primary to Tallahassee’s greatest economic drivers are its post-secondary institutions. If you doubt this, study the primary occupations in Tallahassee, and study the money flow into the city and it’s businesses during football season; and especially when FAMU and FSU are winning! This helps all of our neighborhoods. So I support investment in the institutions of higher learning no matter what the project. I love this city and I want to see it compete nationally in all arenas; even those that at first glance appear frivolous!

  33. I think that it is extremely important for the people throughout the Tallahassee, FL community to truly understand what’s really happening hear with these funds. Unfortunately, those within the poverty areas, small minority businesses, some middle class residence, and the list goes on are blinded by these matters. I applaud Attorney Akbar for calling for this townhall meeting scheduled for tomorrow (November 29, 2021) from 6pm-8pm EST. I would like to participate in this meeting virtually.

  34. I’m not sure I can come to the town hall meeting, but I strongly object to my tax dollars paying for yet another improvement to FSU’s stadium. I would rather see those funds support minority-owned businesses, small local businesses, improvements to low-income housing, and a host of things that actually help Tallahassee and Leon County residents.
    I intend to vote on this issue for both city and county elections. I am tired of small groups making behind-the-scene deals that affect residents, local businesses and neighborhoods with little to no regard for our needs.
    More transparency!

  35. If they did a referendum on the sales tax it would be rescinded. People did not vote to raise their tax to subsidize FSU football. To redirect the money from so many horribly underfunded sites in this community is despicable and criminal. Shame on every person that sets on the Blueprint board that voted yes. Yes I can guarantee you will be remembered in the next election.

  36. I was unable to attend the Town Hall and would like to know the outcome, and hoping the blueprint dollars were spent with care for the community at large. A group that can raise 90 million dollars definitely don’t need 27 million from the public, most of whom will never see the vip section of the stadium

  37. The bets are in if you think this is a horse race but it it’s not. It’s an election in which how much money a candidate raises is not as important as how they will vote once elected. And we know that Jeremy Matlow votes his conscience when it comes to what is best for all Tallahassee residents, not just the rich guys. He has a “track record”!

  38. Thank you Commissioner Dozier for your usual well reasoned, researched position in the interests of all of our community.

    And run for Mayor please !!!

  39. The Southern Group along with Ballard Partners has made a fortune representing big tobacco which kills at least 480,000 people annually in the U.S. alone. Southern Group Partner Paul Mitchell is on the board of directors of Whole Child Leon which has no problem lying in bed with big tobacco. He was appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis to the Children’s Services Council which rips off local taxpayers to the tune of at least $8 million annually. Sally Bradshaw, the wife of Southern Group founder Paul Bradshaw, is on the board of directors of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. As a 55 year old TMH board member, she reportedly was at the front of the line when Covid-19 vaccine was first handed out. Inmates in the Leon County jail where social distancing is impossible were not vaccinated until at least four months later. Clearly no one cared if the inmates lived or died.

  40. This article will influence me greatly when I vote for governor in November, 2022. I especially appreciate Commissioner Nikki Fried’s statement, “I encourage you to judge me by my actions, and not just by what I say here.” We citizens depend on honest and in-depth journalism that follows candidates’ positions and promises fulfilled once elected.

  41. FSU President Richard McCullough should withdraw the request for $20 million to FSU to enhance Doak Campbell stadium, a football stadium named in honor of a white supremacist. Shamefully all of the local black politicians including Bill Proctor, Nick Maddox, Curtis Richardson, Dianne Williams-Cox, and Carolyn Cummings stabbed the black community in the back by voting for this monstrosity. Meanwhile neighborhood libraries in Leon County are closed on Mondays supposedly because of a lack of sufficient funding. This is obscene especially when you consider the high illiteracy rate in Leon County. McCullough should also return the Koch Brothers’ money given to the FSU economics department. This is blood money used to finance “Stand Your Ground” legislation which helped to get Trayvon Martin killed.

  42. I am so proud of Dr. Sandra Manning for standing up against racism.

    I’m sure Dr King is saying after all we work for there are those who are trying so hard to take us backwards.

  43. Systematic racism has destroyed livelihood for blacks throughout our history. Inherit racism not only destroys lives but it’s evil and accepted by other racist.

  44. I’ve known Dr. Manning for over 40 years and can attest to her character, her integrity and to her commitment to what’s fair. She is a noble, astute woman who is highly regarded among her peers and has served the city of Tallahassee with stellar comportment. It is an abomination that she experienced a disregard for her years of unmatched service and too, that She was subjected to discrimination, and a mockery of her pain by being asked if she were jealous? The ridicule and embarrassment of being lowered in position and being debased in her colleagues eyes is heinous.
    When is enough, enough? When will the racially charged tortures that black women endure in the workplace cease?
    I commend Dr. Manning for continuing to go into the battlefield of discrimination, vitriol, and racism and pray that by the grace and mercy of God that she comes out unaffected.

    Dr. Fredrica Crowe

  45. Dear Commissioner Fried. Please make no build a campaign issue. We in Levy county are fighting for our beautiful, peaceful existence. Our farms along the toll road route are not for sale. If you oppose this you will have my vote for Governor and I will work to share your opposition to the toll road.
    Lucille Snook

  46. I have known Dr Sandra Manning all of her life. She has always did what was right for everyone no matter what the color of skin was and for her to be treated in this manner is pure racism . Continue your fight God Bless

  47. Dr.Sandra Manning is truly a woman of God with dignity ,honesty i,ntegrity and Love. I applaud her fight against racism. Her courageous stand against the whiteman or woman world. Keep standing for what right as we know its rightly ours. Continue to stare down the evil demons with prayer and fasting knowing God our Lord and Savior has prevailed.

    Evangelist Yolanda Sutton

  48. Dr Sandra Manning is woman of God. Jesus. Has work long hours and bless Tallahassee Florida with good service and has been excellent for City 🏙 and community. So Jesus will see her recovery from unfortunately things that has happen to her. So Jesus bless her and everything going work out for her.

  49. Welcome. Florida Women’s Hall of Fame journalist Barbara Frye was my aunt and I grew up around her and her journalist friends. Partly for that reason I’m a relatively sophisticated consumer of print news media. The Tallahassee Democrat frequently falls far short of the objectivity we have a right to expect from our self-described “newspaper of record for Florida politics.” I look forward to hearing from you.

  50. This is a clear cut case of The “good ol’ boy’s” network locking out a talented African-American…
    jhow about this “manager” PROVE their worth by taking on management of say an historically important HBCU, such as FAMU: if they can create a “culture” of sucess at the primarily Black institution, then they are truly worthy of leading our city, which at this point they clearly ARE NOT.But we do not have to do this experiment! It is clear as can be that the white “leader” could not work with a talented and awarded Black Woman, and dumbed down her position to make himself comfortable. Again and again, he selects “not rocking the boat” and *hiding* City actions over the needs and desires of his constituents!!
    This is TOTALLY DISGUSTING, and I vow to spend my money and effort to get him OUSTED as Mayor.
    Dr. Baker

  51. Dr. Manning is woman of character full of integrity! Racism is an ugly societal 😷 I’ll. No one should have to experience systemic or institutional trauma just doing their and seeking the advancement as their colleagues. Dr. Manning has been a mentor for over 25 years an example for many. I hope the outcome of this battle will end favorably for her. The predicator should NOT be the color of her skin.

  52. Yet another reason they need to do a nationwide search for a City Manager. This is a travesty that they treat Sandra Manning this way as she was always a hard worker. I hope she prevails so that dignity may be restored.

  53. Well! Well! The truth is starting to come out. Revell attempts distance himself from everything by using his flunkie the Chief of Staff Major Mike Suleski. Who received a 20k raise to so he can supervise the other majors and three deputy chiefs. Suleski has two hostile work environment complaints himself. Revell allows his click to run wild. He allows Captain Boscio, Major Friend, Major Johnson to treat officer’s poorly. It is not the family environment as he wants to portray it. He is trying to fire an officer that is suffering PTSDT , that I can only speculate is caused by job stress. I don’t know the outcome of this situation. The senior officers don’t trust command staff do to his favoritism. He hired his friend from Thomasville P.D. who is not qualified to be deputy chief. With all the gun violence Revell is going to the FBI Academy in April. Who will lead the city? Probably Suleski. Revell is trying to position himself to run for sheriff. Just the facts! The facts stated in this article about LGBTQ are true. BTW, he demoted a sgt. for his comments on facebook that he felt were not to his liking because he doesn’t like that officer. I wonder if that is a TPD chief lapel pin he is wearing on his suit at the BG speech, just the facts👮🏻

  54. Are there ANY city leadership positions that exhibit an ounce of integrity. Every agency is fraught with unimaginalble corruption with self serving wanton profit. It’s disgusting and speaks to the kind of people who have been allowed to advance.

  55. The repetitive nature and allegations of discrimination are no secret within the city halls of Tallahassee. It appears that injustices have persistently been swept under a rug and in an area where equitable, fair and right sized values are supposed to be upheld, instead there has been corruption, public delusion and prejudice.
    Dr. Manning has withstood the pressures as a City Hall veteran holding on to her idiosyncratic beliefs and impressions that her dedicated work; tenure, professionalism, unmatched aptitude and scholarly attributes were sufficient for promotion. When essentially the problem rested in an unalterable characteristic – the color of her skin.

    Dr. Fredrica Crowe

  56. I’ve known Dr. Manning for many years. She is a hard working upstanding citizen. Dr. Manning goes over and aboard to help others. It’s obvious the chain of command took a serious turn from the norm during this period.

  57. I can attest to having experienced some interesting behavior where Directors and Deputy Director appear to be able to enact policy that is in direct contrast to the City’s established policy pertaining to matters like compensation. There is no accountability and seemingly less leadership.
    When you inquire about policy-related concerns, the HR team acknowledges their policy is grossly out-of-date but everyone knows so they ignore it. Seems like a storm is brewing and heading directly for City Hall.

  58. Dr. Manning is an Indigenous woman on her land. She is proof that JIM CROW is a clear and present problem today. EVERYTHING going on in Tallahassee right now violates ALL TREATIES made with the INDIGENOUS!!! This is the situation all over America. JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL! No worries. THE CREATOR’S WILL WILL BE DONE!!!


  60. I am so very grateful for Jeff Vandermeer’s laser eye into Tallahassee’s woefully undemocratic governance I am thankful for Commissioners Jeremy Matlow and Jack Porter and I wish retiring Commissioner Dozier would run against Mayor Dailey.

  61. I am running for County Commissioner for District 5, part of my Platform is “Reeling in Wasteful Spending”, If I had the Opportunity to Vote on this, I would have Voted NO. The original Article I read said the Money would be used for needed Repairs as well as a couple follow up Articles, THEN a couple Articles popped up saying it was for “VIP SEATING”. Now, it has been back and forth. This Article states both, so. either way, we have been lied to from the start. The Stadium, it seems like, has been under construction in some area now for Decades so, why haven’t the “Needed Repairs” been dealt with during those times? Why should the Tax Payers pay for VIP SEATING when most of them will not ever get a chance use them? This is what I would call Wasteful Spending.

  62. Great article! This is a bad deal and the money should be going for the list of things we won’t get by having the money go for the stadium.

  63. “… there’s a sucker born every minute; unfortunately, some of them have a vote on this deal.”

    Yes, and the real suckers are the taxpayers, who don’t get a direct vote on the deal.

  64. its an effing college so how is the idea of VP seating even a thing??? i live here and yes i can verify that the stadium is under indefinite repairs. it looks to me like its a form of money laundering.

  65. Brilliant, incisive commentary. Mr. Vandermeer is exactly on point.
    Many thanks for summing up Tallahassee’s governmental problems so well. Now, lets get MOVING on a solution.

  66. This article is most enlightening as well as disturbing. We elect our government officials to serve in our best interest but that is not the case. The Tallahassee citizens are being given bad information as well as horrible decision making and leadership by our city and county government. This is most disturbing to me as a voter and a resident of this community.

  67. So, what Lawson is saying is, he couldn’t win unless he is in a District that is predominantly Black AND predominantly Democrat. What would happen if the Districts remained the same and 60 to 80 percent of the Blacks wised up realizing that the Democrats have not kept ANY of their Promises to them and switched to Republican?

  68. It is time to give neighborhood associations and CONA resources needed to survive and thrive. Neighborhood associations must be supported by the city and county with dollars and skills. Grass roots democracy can be obtained with community organizers using the tools of advocacy planning. Neighborhood and Community associations should determine priorities for project spending. Residents must be empowered to determine their future.

    Otherwise our future will continue to be determined by elites such as those who have recently been convicted and jailed.

  69. Thanks!.. I have been out of touch a few years and sad to see we are growing…just like LA,Miami,Atlanta,….not learning frim their mistakes.

  70. An ICON Dr. Sandra Manning PhD with the city of Tallahassee 27 years (taking on the conspiring Tallahassee city “Cabal”) was illegally/unlawfully denied due process – a jury trial – her day in court on her discrimination lawsuit against the city of Tallahassee just days before trial to begin??????

  71. In addition to the listed problems with Blueprint money is the mayor’s plan to use 18 million to put the new high tech senior center inside the Canopy, a private residential development. This center will have the only public gym in the city. In effect this is using Blueprint money to promote the sale of housing to mostly white, wealthy future residents of Tallahassee.

  72. The two people that could turn this around would be Mayor Dailey and County Commissioner Nick Maddox. But, they are choosing to put their re-election campaign interests ahead of the citizens and taxpayers they serve.

    They believe that they can draw huge campaign contributions from this deal and that is sad. They are showing that they cannot follow rules and laws and they show no leadership.

    Their only campaign platforms are special interest and it is time to vote John Dailey and Nick Maddox out!

  73. This should be printed in the Tallahassee Democrat on the front page. Perhaps if we pay them enough they will print it. Very insightful article!

  74. Candidate O’Keefe mentions the proposed action was indicated by County staff to have no budgetary impact?

    Either County staff who determine fiscal impacts of proposed Agenda Items have no clue what they are doing or someone is amending fiscal impact language prior to being seen by all Commiszioners to solicit a favorable or non-favorable vote possibly on the pretext it is much easier for Commissioners to support items where they don’t have to justify expending additional $ (Staff said it would have no fiscal impact).

    Where is the accountability to Leon County Taxpayers that they can be assured their Commissioners are being given all the true facts and figures before they make a vote on proposed Agendas?

    Of course, the reality is, most Commissioners probably could care less how much things cost as long as it isn’t going to cost them an election.

    I challenge OurTallahassee, or Candidate O’Keefe, especially if elected, to look at the Agenda Items approved by the Commissioners over the last 5-10 years to learn how accurate the Fiscal Impacts projected truly were.

  75. Florida is land of predatory insurance companies as well.

    My Homeowners’ Insurance premium increased 59% from 2021 to 2022. A majority of this increase was approved by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (New Name = Office of Insurance Profit). My Insurance Agent said they are seeing premium increases across the board; anywhere from 15 to almost 100%. Meanwhile, CEO of my insurance carrier was compensated about $2.5 million last year.

    Florida doesn’t care about low income persons because they don’t pay much in taxes or contribute to election campaigns.

  76. Definitely FBI playing false flag games again, just like Jan 6. Trying to smear our Governor like they smeared Trump supporters. Just as fake as Charlottesville.

    1. Tell us you’re Nazi without telling us you’re a Nazi, Sybil. You’re really believing FBI got arrested at the Capitol on 1/6? All those lunatics smearing their crap on the walls were antifa? Why would they do that if they won the election? DeSantis isn’t doing anything to stop it. He’s actually following Hitler’s playbook like Trump did. Banning books, outlawing protesting by certain groups. We see you Sybil. You’re just as bad as these national socialist groups. Attack the media rather than the message is straight out of Goerings playbook

      1. And Goebbel’s.

        Glad to be made aware of this group and their hate activities in my hometown. We should all be on the look-out for Mr. Ortiz and greet him appropriately when we recognize him.

        They gather in the shadows but will scatter like roaches in the light.🪳

      2. Haha – calling conservatives Nazis is right out of Alinski’s playbook. Jan 6 was an obvious false flag with trained instigators/escalator/provocateurs. Pelosi’s and Obama’s fingerprints all over it.

        1. That’s completely false. It’s honestly sad that y’all completely devote yourselves to right wing propaganda. How can you believe that some billionaire who’s gotten over on people all of his life out of greed suddenly became some populist messiah? Keep in mind when you believe these things you’re only fighting for elites and not for average, working people and those who struggle everyday. Trump, desantis and all of these other right wingers don’t care about you.

  77. What’s the sense of zoning land when in reality all it takes is money to change it typical government bullshit

  78. Rocky has shown he is NOT a good steward of OUR money here in the LCSD… He wasted $40,000 on a law firm to fight against the constitutional rights of parents. It was only after he admitted in a sworn affidavit that he was guilty of violating the Florida constitution that he dropped the law suit. I have a copy of that sworn affidavit, and two others, and the prima facie evidence that hold him and the board accountable.

    I also have a copy of the account receivables and payables, so I know where they spent all that covid money. A simple half page request using Article 1 Section 24 of the Florida constitution will get you all the information you wish. The person who handles the records request for LCSD is top notch and an exemplary example of how all people, who are hired and/or elected to do the People’s business, should conduct themselves.

    Now they are trying to pass an LGBQ+ policy without any parental oversite or input. But we got a copy of the proposed policy, and we called out the no video or recorded meetings. We forced them into the light and we are watching everything they do. We are holding them to their oath of office.

    We are also following the federal law suit filed against LSCB. The case where a parent told the teacher that their child was having some gender issues and they were supporting and getting them counseling. The school then took it upon themselves to setup a transition plan, change pro-nouns, change sleeping arrangements on field trips and bathroom assignments. All of this was done with the purpose of hiding it all from the parents.

    These are not left right issues, or liberal or conservatives issues, these are parent/child issues. We do not give our kids over to someone to have control over them and decide what is best over our objections. We hire people who love kids and want to do a good job educating them. We don’t elect leaders, we elect mangers to handle our business.

    Article I. Bill of Rights
    Section 3. Government instituted for common benefit
    That government is, or ought to be, instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security of the people, nation, or community; of all the various modes and forms of government, that is best which is capable of producing the greatest degree of happiness and safety, and is most effectually secured against the danger of maladministration; and, whenever any government shall be found inadequate or contrary to these purposes, a majority of the community hath an indubitable, inalienable, and indefeasible right to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most conducive to the public weal.

    Rocky and 4 of the 5 board members will be replaced this next voting cycle. If they continue to violate their Oath of Office we will be taking them to the Grand Jury. The Shariff and the AG received copies of all these affidavits via certified mail the same time Rocky and the Board did.

    We the People hold ALL political power, we are the body politic, we brought this government into this world and we can and will take it out. A majority of the community hath an indubitable, inalienable, and indefeasible right to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most conducive to the public weal. It is OUR DUTY as citizens of this republic to do so.

    And God bless our women, it is the women who have stood up and are correcting this corruption.

  79. I won’t be able to make the meetings but I’d like to say that I’m against them building the gas station over the Wakulla Sprgs cave system.

  80. I’m left speechless by the incredible hutzpah of Representative Randy Fine of Florida District 53, a district with 126,000 voters. Poor Randy Fine. I guess he didn’t get enough recognition of his power and leadership when he sponsored legislation to honor Holocaust survivors and victims of Florida’s racist past so he tried a different tack and condemned the teaching of Critical Race Theory and sponsored this legislation to punish school districts that required masks during the pandemic. I hope his constituents are proud of him but the word hypocrite doesn’t do justice to his demented search for name recognition.

  81. The link you provide for the rezoning proposal points instead to the amended consent decree between FDEP and Wakulla County. While interesting, it would be great to have a link to the actual rezoning proposal.

  82. The Wakulla County Commissioners should remember to follow the rule of law and be guided by the plain meaning of the relevant legal documents. You will find that Comprehensive Plan changes must benefit the community, not just an individual business. There is only one Wakulla Springs that attracts visitors from around the world, which benefits all of the Wakulla County community. Any company exercising proper due diligence would have been aware of these facts before proceeding with its business plan. The gas station can be moved to another corner. The Wakulla Springs and its cave system cannot. Please ask them to vote NO on the company’s request.

  83. Do the right thing. This really shouldn’t even be a option. Think of the next generation. Not just your bank account.

  84. Why are we spending $100 million dollars for a private road from the airport to FSU’s campus? We already have a brand new Capital Circle restoration that gets you to and from the airport.
    BLUEPRINT strikes again.

  85. Last time I checked only 4 percent of the tenured professors at FSU are black. Yet not a single black politician including Bill proctor, Carolyn Cummings, Curtis Richardson, Dianne Cox, and Nick Maddox opposed the Blueprint decision to give FSU $27 million for a football stadium named after a white man, Doak Campbell, who despised black people. This is a betrayal by our own political leaders. Meanwhile black freshman undergraduate enrollment plummeted 42 percent between 1995 and 2011 as reported in the New York Times. What we have at FSU is pure greed. They are well positioned to raise their own money unlike the people in South City where childhood poverty in some communities is as high as 80.1 percent. Further, in past years the Seminole Boosters have already received a ton of tax money from the CRA. FSU President Richard McCullough should immediately withdraw his request for the Blueprint tax money. By refusing to do so he will document the fact that a moral compass at FSU does not exist.

  86. I am Running for Office for 2022. David T. Hawkins for Leon County Commissioner, District 5. As of right now, I believe I am the only Candidate that Honestly say that “EVERY DIME in my Campaign Account came out of my own Pocket”. I have not asked for Donations from anyone and don’t plan to for this very reason. I feel I have enough to run my Campaign and if I need a little more, I will open MY Wallet. A Vote for Me, IS a Vote you YOU. I don’t want your Money, I want your Vote. It would be an Honor to work for You. Please visit my Campaign Web Site at Hawkins2022.com

  87. This is Our County not Yours as your slogan suggests! We do not tell Leon County what they should or should not approve and truth be told had it not been for Leon County’s pollution draining South we would still be able to see Henry jump over the pole!

  88. John Dailey, Nick Maddox, and Diane Williams-Cox will lose their seats for re-election in November. They could have at least had FSU pay us back in the form of scholarships for our youth in Tallahassee. Bill Proctor should have voted against this to begin with; hopefully he will change his vote. Now let’s see if they manipulate Richardson or Cox into changing their vote so Dailey can save face with the Seminole Boosters. If Cox has any chance of being re-elected she will have to change her vote to NO.

    FSU and the Seminole Boosters have the resources to raise the funds on their own. This issue should have never made it this far and shows how our elected officials are out of touch.

  89. What is going on? Is this deal the reason why president McCullough congratulated Coburn for bringing the athletic department out of bankruptcy at the last trustee meeting? The Democrat reported Coburn was moved to AD because of a strained relationship between the Boosters and the university back in 2018. Have you requested the annual financial audits of the Boosters for this timeframe? Those are not exempt from public records laws.

    Didn’t the Boosters get a massive PPP loan? Are the “toilets and urinals” in the new separate football facility paid for, or is it just Doak that needs them now? This is the same university that didn’t even sign Willie Taggart’s contract. Are the Boosters fed up with the university mismanagement? Did the Boosters give a bailout to the university and are now telling it to go out and get the last $20M yourselves? Scam!

  90. You have to question the University president for allowing this to be on the table with all the politics and corruption with the elected officials and the Seminole Boosters. I believe a good University leader would have forbidden that FSU would in no way go to the city for these funds. The University and the Seminole Boosters have the resources to raise these funds themselves. The perception of impropriety at the very least and the actual corruption at the most. Perhaps the FSU President should resign.

  91. So, will the ethics complaints be pouring in against Mayor John Dailey, Commissioners Curtis Richardson, Diane Williams-Cox, Nick Maddox, Bill Proctor, Jimbo Jackson, and Carolyn Cummings for misusing tax dollars by making a donation to the Seminole Boosters with taxpayer dollars?

    Those up for re-election will certainly be voted out on August 23rd. Their political careers cannot survive such an egregious misuse of funds in order to attain campaign contributions in return.

    Perhaps the governor will name a special prosecutor to do an in-depth investigation and prosecution.

  92. I have seen Ghazvini store thousands of campaign signs in their equipment trucks on construction sites for entrenched candidates. This is illegal because this is an In-Kind contribution that the candidates did not report.

    I have seen Ghazvini set up multiple corporations to distribute funds to entrenched elected officials in order to skirt the maximum limit campaign contributions law.

    Perhaps Ghazvini should put his money where his mouth is and instead of – funneling funds to entrenched elected officials – so he can take shortcuts in his construction business, that lead to harming our environment, he should provide health insurance benefits to his underpaid labor force.

    Dailey accepting multiple contributions from Ghazvini under multiple corporations is an enabler to exploiting laborers.

    They are bullying Dozier which she does not deserve. She was on the right, fiscally responsible, and humanitarian side of the Blueprint $22 million for stadium seats NO vote. I commend her for that. Dailey’s vote for the stadium seats were quid pro quo.

    This behavior from the Ghazvinis against Dozier is unacceptable and will backfire on Dailey.

  93. Ghazvini could be a poster boy for the class of predatory rent-seekers that economist Michael Hudson described in his book “Killing the Host”. His spew of red herrings against a politician who prioritizes things other than his personal profits is a disappointing low for Tallahassee, but entirely to be expected from the “rentier” class who value nothing beyond their personal gain.

  94. How many of Mayor Dailey’s contributors have Sky Boxes at Doak Stadium? The Ghazvini(s) have a Skybox(es) and take limousines to them on game day. I have witnessed this.

    Taxpayers are paying to renovate Ghazvini’s personal interest investment and the mayor puts his campaign funding sources before taxpayers with nary a care.

    Mayor Dailey and Ghazvini are looking down at taxpayers saying Let them eat cake”.

  95. If voting against government giving handouts to the government is socialism, I don’t want to be a capitalist!

  96. When “mega-donors” have to reduce themselves to disturbing attacks on an opponent rather than the promoting of their candidate(s) accomplishments, it only conveys that their candidate has no accomplishments. They have to resort to attacking. This is sad, but it is also very disturbing that a company that calls itself “Premier” should consider changing their name to the opposite meaning of premiere… lesser, least, or last.

    Thank you to the Tallahassee Five who had the courage to vote NO for the Doak Stadium seats… Perhaps there needs to be an investigation into John Dailey directing taxpayer infrastructure funds so his donors would not be assessed fees to upgrade their Sky Boxes. The taxpayers will be assessed $22 million.

    Please keep the updates coming…

  97. When your Megadonor attacks your Opponent in Public and or Print, it only makes YOU look bad Mayor Daily. it make you look desperate, I voted for you once, never again.

  98. Unless this was the “Annual Buffoon” convention and they paid for it out of their own pockets questions need to be answered…

    1) Who paid for the trip?
    A) Steve Ghazvini
    B) Seminole Boosters
    C) Their taxpayer-funded slush fund accounts
    D) Other

    2) Did they pay for this trip themselves?
    3) Who paid for the airline tickets?
    4) What reason were they traveling together?
    5) Did they attend the play Hamilton?

    If this was above board they should have no problem divulging their destination, reason for the trip, the event(s) they were attending, how the trip was paid for, did they pay for the trip themselves, if not, who paid for the trip, hotel, meals, etc?

    Jack Porter needs to be awarded an honorary investigative reporter award.

    There needs to be a rush order for a public records request for their taxpayer funded credit cards.

  99. What reason could they possibly have for this trip that can’t be publically discussed? This is a huge red flag. Jack Porter is right- the public deserves answers.
    Insider politics run this city. It’s worse than ever. It’s time for new leadership.

  100. When will this obscenity called local Tallahassee government end? And why have black people gotten beaten, shot and lynched while trying to vote when black elected officials such as Curtis Richardson, and others routinely sell us out. While children go hungry, while black infant mortality is off the charts, while childhood poverty in some Tallahassee census tracts has exceeded 80 percent, Dianne Williams-Cox, Curtis Richardson, Bill Proctor, Carolyn Cummings, and Nick Maddox vote to hand over $ 27 million to FSU for a football stadium at a university that despises black people and admires only those blacks who make money for them. While 77.3 percent of the FSU tenured faculty is white, and 14.7 percent is Asian, only 4.7 percent is black as of Fall, 2020. In the words of Marvin Gaye, “It makes me want to holler.”

    1. Curtis Richardson, Diane Williams Cox, Bill Proctor, Nick Maddox, and Carolyn Cummings are unable to discern the political greed and lack of humanity by John Dailey, Sue Dick, Jack Campbell, and Reese Goad. They are in invisible chains on the plantation and choose the path of political contributions over humanity.

      The light at the end of this tunnel is that none of them will be re-elected.

  101. Unless the Rule has changed, if there are only Two Candidates in a Race, they will NOT be on the Primary Ballot. That’s how it was when I ran against Mary Ann Lindley back in 2016.

  102. Dailey and Bellamy are FOR Blueprint infrastructure dollars going to FSU Stadium seats… they are fooling no one and their chances of successful campaigns…ZERO.

    Money no longer matters, in fact this was proven in the recent races in Virginia and New Jersey; voters find Mega/Special Interests donors obscene and vulgar and are voting for integrity, experience, and Humanity.

    Bellamy made a critical error if he wanted to be successful in politics and if he really wanted to make a change he should have challenged DAILEY.

    I will purchase my next luxury vehicle in Jacksonville, Sarasota, or Thomasville.

    Bellamy and Dailey are riding the wave of the Chamber Cultists and the Sky Box owners at FSU and this will not translate into the votes. Voters are outraged after the recent Blueprint vote and will come out in force.

  103. The race for Mattlow and Daily seats are setting up further and more distinctive devision in our community. It’s not a case of Democrats vs Republicans, it’s a decision business as usual vs ethical (transparent) government. Our voters need to support the latter!

  104. Regarding Matlow’s seat. What’s the last date a Republican can file to run for it? If Doc Shillamy causes a voting split between Dems, couldnt a Repub puppet win it just on party lines without spending much. I won’t be surprised if that’s what has been planned all along.

  105. Someone should do an investigative report the Boulos Corporation for their horrendous project on Apalachee Parkway. Someone had to be bribed with campaign contributions to let such a horrendous project be allowed on a major Gateway into Tallahassee.

  106. So you are saying that Al Lawson can NOT win on his own Accomplishments and that he must have a Predominantly Black District if he is going to Win? We all KNEW that the day was going to come where the Districts will be redrawn and someone will get angry that they will have to prove the Job they have been doing in the Past. Lawson is an extreme Liberal Trump Hater and needs to GO.

  107. I believe that every child has the right to receive a quality education. Jefferson county schools have underachieved for many years. The school should be given all resources to achieve success and be exempt from the social status of being a failing school.

  108. His Head was NOT slammed on the concrete. Actually look at the Video and don’t listen to the idiot Girls. His Head NEVER touched the ground UNTIL they rolled him over.

  109. His Head NEVER touched the Concrete until the Officer rolls him over and HE lays his head down. Watch the Video, watch his Head the WHOLE time.

  110. David T. Hawkins, even if you are correct in your observation, would you say this ‘attempt’ to drop this citizen on his head was an appropriate maneuver during this arrest, especially from what looks like full cooperation from the person being arrested?

  111. Allocating $1 million for youth gun violence intervention? Really? Just make Jack Campbell seek LIFE In Prison for those committing Gun Violence Crimes and run TV and Radio Ads telling everyone that You WILL go away for LIFE. Bring back the “Stop & Search” and “Stop & Frisk”. Respect the Law and Law Enforcement, and STOP blaming them for YOUR Criminal Actions.

  112. Here is my thoughts, sorry if it offends anyone but, that Building needs a full Restoration/Remodel done to it and when finished, you would be lucky to have 25% of the original structure remaining. There are many Beautiful 1300SqFt and Larger 3/2 Homes with Garages being built for $250 to $300,000 all over Town so, this should be a lot cheaper to do since it is just a small one room School House. SO, with that said, my suggestion is, build an exact duplicate of that School House 25 feet from the original. While one Crew is building the new Building, a second Crew is meticulously taking apart the Old Building to use a lot of it on the new structure. The exterior Siding gets reused as well as any Interior pieces. This shouldn’t cost more then $250,000 ($250,000 tops), hopefully less, depending if you are preserving how it was originally built or how it was before it closed down. Personally, I vote for how it looked when it was first built so Kids today can actually SEE how it was back then. The $1.8Million for an 1840 School House is just stupid.

  113. This is an excellent question about this hiring process and the person they chose…

    This question will move to the forefront and every candidate should be asked how they are going to correct this and to not let this happen again.

    Commissioner Matlow is a proven listener and I believe he will prevail.

  114. Anyone receiving a City, County or State Pay Check weather Employed, Appointed or Contracted should automatically be covered by the Florida Sunshine law, I don’t care who you are.

  115. Note that Dailey slipped in “up to” before $5 million for gun violence.

    Note that Dianne Williams-Cox went on after her “no” to detail the numbers of affordable housing units the city is creating—but she did not acknowledge the question specified units for families with “low- and extremely-low income” families with essential workers like those who care for children and elders, stock grocery shelves, collect garbage, etc.

  116. Are you a preservationist or qualified archivists; archaeologists any of the above? I’m just saying you completely 100% missed the point. Unless you have personal knowledge and inspected the building how can you comment on preservation. That’s what this is, a preservation project. When you find a historical vase broken,
    you put it together; you don’t recreate it. The breakage is the beauty. That is the integrity of preservation. The walls of the school echoes the voices of the children and the men that were slaves that built it. You only get one shot at preservation and then it disappears. Preservation cannot be duplicated by its very nature.

  117. Gerri,

    You should run for Leon County Commissioner At-Large. Nick Maddox has not served us well. I was impressed when you ran against Curtis Richardson and exposed his “bundled” contributions from Special Interests which he denied.

    I believe saving the Lake Hall school is very important!

  118. I was not surprised when all the Commissioners that voted FOR giving the $Millions to Doak are the only ones that said we should “Move On” and “Stop Talking About It”. I also will NOT be surprised if THEY are the ones that will be GONE after their Elections (Daily, Richardson, Maddox, Williams-Cox and Cummings) .

  119. Also, what is the actual Address of it so I can see it for myself I think outside the Box a lot and I may have a Plan. I just need to get a lay-of-the-land to see what is needed and what can be done if anything. This is a quote from a couple of articles I have read, “The one-room structure is at risk of being destroyed because of its poor condition” which is why I said what I said in my first post, a lot of it will need to be replaced.

  120. If the city manager can lose control of his secrets and a community activist exposes him, these are telling signs of a fractured organization.

    Yet another reason why there is no confidence in this city manager and there needs to be a nationwide search for a new one. I believe Mayor Dailey is only concerned for his political career and knows that Reese Goad will play along and neither will question each other’s financial mismanagement.

  121. =I just wanted to say, this is how we do it. Transparency and a bit of fear in the old guard. GREAT content. Truthful and eye catching. I would like to buy some real estate in Tallahassee, but, not under “the old guard.” We need younger, smarter, and ethical. I am with you folks. Good job. Now. let’s get all the boomers to donate BIG.

  122. I remember when Anita Favors was city manager and her salary was less then $100,000.00 a year. How have the salaries increased so much in the last 15 years for them. Mine sure hasn’t and I bet yours hasn’t either.

  123. I don’t care if you’re Dem it GOP taking money from companies like this is just wrong. That’s like they are making the candidates feel obligated to look out for their best interests by giving them money. It’s just a conflict of interest!

  124. This candidate puts a political slant according to what group he is speaking with. If he’s with conservatives he takes the conservative viewpoint and if he’s with liberals he takes the liberal viewpoint. When he should say something he says nothing.

    I also believe this candidate picked the wrong race to run in. Too many voters appreciate City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow’s questioning the status quo.

  125. I agree 100% with Commissioner Jack Porter regarding her comments on the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. It is commendable that she recognizes this, speaks out, and trying to do something about it. It’s long overdue.

  126. The leadership under Mayor John Dailey is abysmal. He runs his re-election campaign 24/7 365 days a year and has no time for anything else.

    One only has to look at the Boulos development on Apalachee Parkway to get a glimpse of the horrendous leadership.

    Debbie Lightsey is a treasure and one can see one of her wonderful work accomplishments driving down Blair Stone Road from one end to the other. That is a beautiful end product, beautifully designed, maintained and a great asset to Tallahassee.

    The leadership under Mayor Dailey has failed Tallahassee.

  127. Mayor John Dailey misuses his office to promote himself 24/7. This is why it is important for citizens to vote John Dailey out and for Tallahassee to do a nationwide search for a City Manager. Their incompetence and corruption is affecting the quality of life in Tallahassee.

  128. “CPAC now!” This is a demand for community control of the police, which seeks to create a civilian police accountability council, which would have the power to discipline police officers for misconduct and brutality.”

    Better yet, we need to create a Protest Accountability Council Team (PACT), which would have the power to discipline Protesters for misconduct and brutality on citizens and Law Enforcement during Protests.

  129. Thank you, Debbie Lightsey, for this information. We citizens, try as we might, can rarely pierce the veil of ;pca; government and paid consultants’ propaganda and backroom decisions that have made this community, especially County Commission District 3, so vulnerable to crony developers who do not care about the habitat destruction or established working class neighborhoods they destroy in their quest for profits. And we citizens are supposed to believe that development benefits us because the taxes these businesses and buildings generate go to our local city, county and school board governments who in turn use those taxes wisely to improve our quality of life, generate jobs and produce other such trickle down benefits which have proven to be myths. We need new leadership and more principled and committed local government employees who stand up to their bosses. Unfortunately, we have no whistle-blower ethics law in Leon County because our elected officials do not want it.

  130. Any decent human being who has any humanity and integrity would remove themselves from the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. It is a front for a PR ruse for elected officials who have years of incumbency and corruption. The elected officials misuse taxpayer dollars to misuse this PR vehicle which is supposed to be a vehicle for businesses.

    I don’t know how it is been able to operate under this guise for so many years, but our two major hospitals, banking institutions, our elected officials, etc should pull their memberships from this (dis)organization immediately. It drags Tallahassee down and people who otherwise would do the Humane thing put Humanity aside for the political and monetary gain to prop up the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, which in turn the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce returns the favor to the elected officials. Meanwhile our businesses suffer…

    Only two elected officials in Tallahassee have denounced this practice and should be applauded and re- elected for speaking out against the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce; City Commissioners Jack Porter and Jeremy Matlow!

    Even our State Attorney, Jack Campbell, recently made a fool of himself at the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Amelia Island junket to the extent of his own political party voting to censure his behavior. I am surprised that there has not been a complaint made to the Florida Bar against Jack Campbell regarding this incident. There should be…

  131. Thank you for your research. I volunteer at City Walk and I see and feel the good the mission does for the homeless. Speak to the clients and you will hear stories of love. Speak to Hospice, TPD and the Sheriffs dept. Talk to the workers at the Kearney center who tell people to get on the bus and ask to taken to City Walk. The City is trying to destroy us financially. Lawyers are not cheap. If that happens many people will be back on the streets. Please continue to help us in this fight. We need a miracle. A miracle of people behind us, speaking out loudly. We need additional funds to survive this devastating blow to the mission. This city needs ten more shelters just like City Walk.

  132. Good. More ATF resources are needed for viable enforcement of existing laws. I hope all the folks that rally ’round supporting “Law And Order” and “Blue Lives Matter” agree and urge their lawmakers to support ATF with better resources and appointment of a permanent director.

  133. The worst fears of citizens who opposed the creation of this special taxing district are realized.

  134. Good reporting! It almost makes up for your getting scooped by the TLH Democrat’s hard-hitting investigative reporting on the location of the first Wawa in Leon County.

    I wonder, IF they ever mention that the Chamber is getting CSC money, will they acknowledge that this information was “disseminated” by Our Tallahassee?

    1. Yes, the TD put out an article by TaMaryn Waters extolling the virtues of the CSC director. It is nauseating and they should name her as an accomplice and co-conspirator to this crime of misappropriating CSC taxpayer dollars.

      I’ll bet the publisher and Ms. Waters of the TD already have their reservations for the Chamber junket in Amelia Island in August… Buffalo Pool Party here I come! Ms Waters forgot this disclaimer at the end of the article.

  135. I am saddened to learn of Jimbo Jackson’s passing. He was a good man and a faithful public servant. Another victim of the dreaded pandemic Covid. We don’t always have to agree with a leader’s policy directives to acknowledge them as an honest broker of the public’s interests. Jimbo gave his ultimate measure to serve the people of District 2. The bottom line is that he really knew the people that he represented –that’s what representative government should be all about. Jimbo will be missed for his balanced approach to making public decisions, his kind heart and his congenial spirit. There was never a question about Jimbo’s integrity or that he made decisions for the public based on his own knowledge, research on the issues and his life’s experience.

  136. Why don’t they just make the checks out to Vancore Jones, Sean Pittman, and 4TLH’ s Skip Foster running the campaigns for Mayor Dailey, Nick Maddox, and David Bellamy.

  137. “Mayor John Dailey and City Commissioners Dianne Williams-Cox and Curtis Richardson have stood by the City Manager throughout the allegations against him. Seven months after the complaint was filed against Goad, Dailey called Goad “the best city manager in the United States.”

    Mayor Dailey may want to rethink that statement as sewage treatment is failing all over the city under Goad’s watch. Water treatment Infrastructure is failing before our eyes.

    This is why we need to do a nationwide search for a city manager as Commissioners Jeremy Matlow and Jack Porter have asked for.

    It’s getting to the point where the situation is dire and we will be looking at a public health issue soon if something doesn’t change.

  138. Two questions:
    1> Why thehell did it take a YEAR to get this done. It is cut & Dry from what I see.

    2> WHAT public records does Reese Goad NOT want them to have access too?

  139. The Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce and the Tallahassee Democrat both have had an anti-black agenda from the earliest days of Jim Crow. When Reverend K.S. Dupont became the first black person to run for the City Commission, Tallahassee Democrat executive editor Malcolm Johnson ran an editorial stating that it would be best “if the white man wins.”

    Don’t forget the “Tallahassee Trustees.” It was a corrupt secret arm of the Chamber consisting of the most powerful business interests in Tallahassee. Even the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper was a part of this group that helped finance a secret bond fund to bring Tadiran, an Israeli war contractor, and General Dynamics, an American war contractor, to Tallahassee in the name of economic development.

    This was in defiance of a United Nations mandate that prohibited the supplying of military hardware to the apartheid government of South Africa.

    This diabolical scheme was so egregious, especially the role of the Tallahassee Democrat, that it was reported in a Sunday issue of the New York Times dated November 13, 1988.

    Now we have the Children’s Services Council, an annual $8 million slush fund that is even more corrupt than the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). It is in bed with big tobacco through the Southern Group lobbying firm, and is being used by the Chamber of Commerce as a vehicle to stuff money into their pockets in the name of poor children.

    This is but one more example of how the poor are used for the economic aggrandizement of the rich and the powerful.

  140. Wow!

    Does the poll show how many hang-ups, calls blocked, and no-votes for making annoying phone calls?

    Their claims to accomplishments are laughable and only shows that they don’t spend their contributors money very well.

  141. What we need is MORE CLASSROOMS in the Elementary and Jr. High Schools to lower the Number of Students per Classroom LIKE WE VOTED ON YEARS AGO.

  142. When the mayor gives $27 million dollars of taxpayers money to a “special interest” and in turn receives campaign contributions that is quid pro quo. That is illegal.

    I have not seen any specific document regarding an official financial study from the city that warrants such an expenditure.

    The bottom line is that the mayor gave away taxpayer dollars to a special interest without Financial studies to back up this expenditure. He received money from the special interest in return. Again this is quid pro quo and it is illegal.

    The mayor’s report card on the city budget is an “F” as the 2023 budget is in a $4 million deficit.

  143. Mrs Cox was my PE teacher. Everyone loves her. Your hateful story sucks. She’s gonna win and she will be great.

  144. Yet you can’t report the 22 candidates that applied for a job at City Hall, when it’s publicly noticed, you failed to report what applicants qualified, and you failed to report the qualifications and educational backgrounds of the qualified applicants.

    That was the biggest story that should have been reported and the bigger story is that it wasn’t reported by you (and several other media outlets).

    You have lost all credibility in the reporting business.

  145. Regarding the Matlow Bellamy debate, Matlow is the clear winner and here is why…

    Bellamy was asked publicly regarding the Doak vote to state whether he was for it or against it and he would not give an answer. He responded publicly by just giving his phone number and asked for people to call him, but Bellamy would not publicly state that he was against the Doak vote. You can’t remain silent and then after the fact say you were against it and then criticize the person who voted against it. Why doesn’t Bellamy criticize Mayor Dailey for voting for it? Bellamy does not want to criticize the mayor at the expense of the citizens.

    If Bellamy is so concerned about the citizens in the Lake Bradford area he did not stand up and say no to the Soak vote. Commissioner Matlow stood up and voted against it.

  146. An Ethics complaint is way overdue for city manager Reese Goad and Mayor Dailey on this recent strategic planning hire. This is full fledged corruption in action. An Ethics investigation if there ever needed to be one this is it.

  147. Water quality is so important and I hope voters in Tallahassee are paying attention that the person paying the closest attention to this problem and most engaged with working on water quality issues in this election cycle is city Commissioner Jeremy Matlow.

  148. I am so excited Mr.Stemle has stepped up. My grandkids have all attended Deerlake Middle School. He has such a big heart and always willing to help. One of my grandkids was being bullied and he handled it like a pro. My son was able to call him and he took care of the issue. Good Luck Mr.Stemle, three generations will be voting for you!

  149. Don’t need ag who took mo n ey from fpl
    I have a bill from them for 319.00. Now who is getting ripped off.

  150. Matlow is RIGHT…..EVERYTHING dealing with Local Government needs to be in the Sunshine. As long as one side is a member of the Government, it should fall under the Sunshine Law. Even a Meeting in a Bar or even a Bathroom.

  151. I hope Matlow prevails in the overall lawsuit as he is correct, there should be transparency for the Blueprint staff.

    I had no doubt that Judge Dempsey would recuse herself as she is a good judge.

  152. It sounds like what Bob intends to convey to the reader is that he is more concerned with the perception of the message rather than the content of the discussion. Spin/Narrative control is the name of the game here, words matter more than the substance of the conversation. AR15s are not weapons of war, that’s a categorically false statement. No war fighters or service members are going into a war with an AR15. Gun Control is exactly that, gun control, its not combat weapon control. Most of the gun control debate is qualitatively applicable to all types of guns, including handguns. The most recent gun control proposals seek to ban most common handguns via a magazine capacity limit that would effectively ban common handguns. Lets keep the terminology accurate and not try to mislead uninformed citizens with false schemed up names to advocate a position. Guns don’t murder people, I’ve never seen a gun charged with a crime. Guns are a tool deranged psychopaths’ use to murder people, the same way a vehicle is the weapon of choice for drunk drivers, do we need vehicle control? sobriety keys on all vehicles mandatory, what about speed controls? nobody needs a car that can exceed 80mph right? I take it you have never ground hunted hogs before. Oh and I am still shocked you stated the position that a individual should move rather than own an AR15 for home protection, we should all be able to live anywhere we legally please and have an expectation to defend ourselves in a home invasion. Would you expect a religious institute to have to move locations if they are being confronted with hostility at a specific place? what about a planned parenthood? Interesting. thanks.

  153. Can’t help wondering why an elected judge, member of a profession that is expected to live up to the highest standards of unbiased judgement required by law and the constitution, would spend so much money on hiring the services of Vancore Jones, a lobbying firm so involved in local politics.

  154. … and this is why Dailey, Bellamy, and Dianne William-Cox will lose in August. People are tired of this corruption associated with the Tallahassee Mafia AKA the Ghazvinis who pay/bribe our elected officials with bundled contributions. But, do they provide health insurance for their employees, I don’t think so, but they have money to bribe our elected officials. Where is the FBI?

  155. Wishful thinking for Matlow to beat Bellsmy. Aint gonna happen. There’s too much money, media and action on Bellamy’s side. And too much passivity on Matlow’s side, maybe from overconfidence that the same people who elected Porter will be enough for Matlow. It wont be enough.

    1. You are confusing passivity with civility and integrity. Commissioner Matlow has the accomplishments and the record to secure his re-election. Money and PR reps associated with Tallahassee corruption is unimpressive and working against Bellamy. Money can’t buy integrity.

  156. @Dr. GH. you are so wrong. Integrity? Yes. Corruption? Only in your thinking and who by the way is profiting? Wanton profit at that! It’s about the work ethic not what you do outside of work unless it breaks the law. This is a non-starter except for the dismayed worker who got fired and needs to get over it.

  157. Out of all the candidates that should be scrutinized and Stemle is one, you pick on nice women. Not cool.

    There are thousands of voter discrepancies that question the integrity of the 2020 election.

    Perhaps, you should question the previous campaign picture Stemle was using. Concerns about it were made to the appropriate sources and Stemle changed the pic to a photo only including himself that wasn’t a professional photo. It was done on the fly to cover up some questions that need to be answered and not campaign quality. Why don’t you ask those questions?

    If Tallahassee reports chose to do another photo when alerted to the problems of it you need to be concerned and ask some questions.

    Stemle doesn’t pass the smell test.

  158. Hope aka the Rasmussen/Cox bulldog. Throwing shade and going after other candidates to deflect from your crew election rigging ethics violations is really low and smells of desperation. Mr. Stemley has served multiple schools here in district 4 with integrity and your persona of him is out of touch with reality and not reflective of the impact he has made on the families here in our community. I cant find one person who has anything negative to say, but you. It is clear you are one if the political hacks we are trying to rid out community of. Stick to talking up Cox and not bashing her opponents. My research suggest they are friends and both speak highly of the other to our community- that is how it should be.

  159. I have lived in this house 30 years. New roof, new windows, spray foam in attic. My power bill is higher than it’s ever been $467. Keeping thermostat higher than last year.

  160. The comment by “Hope” on August 2nd, 2022 at 10:03 p.m. is identity theft and not by the original Hope, me.

    This reflects poorly on the Stemle campaign that he has supporters that would stoop to this level (and also that this publication allows identity theft). This publication should remove the comment by the “fake” Hope.

    In addition it is very troubling that Stemle uses a picture without his wife, but has another “unidentified” female in the picture he used as a campaign promotion.

    He and his campaign trolls refuse to answer this question about the unidentified female. They also refuse to answer the question why he would go from an assistant vice principal to a school board member where the pay is drastically lower. Do we need DCF to help us answer the question ? Simple questions… just answer the questions.

    They don’t answer the questions, but they participate in identity theft. Stemle will lose and he will lose by a land slide due to his unwillingness to be forthright, answer questions, and unable to control himself or campaign trolls.

  161. Imagine spending your Sunday night, as a well-accomplished 63 year old man, criticizing the very apparatus (using their off-time, obtaining active shooter response training for Leon County Schools’ innocent children) that protects you while you live in a gated community.

    Leon County parents should be livid that this author would discourage those that protect our innocent children from predators, from receiving advanced training.


  162. The questions should be:

    Is this company the best choice for teaching TPD Officers “new concepts of shooting and CQB (Close Quarters Battle)”?

    By choosing this company, is this training going to be cited as ‘evidence’ in a civil trial down the road when TPD Officers actually shoot a perp in a CQB?

    Will the radical “defund the police” leftists cite this as justification for their cause?

  163. Its amusing how bobby like to subtly impose or conflate these negative associations without actually being strong enough to point blank clearly state his opinions. Be clear here Bobby, you have issue with your law enforcement training in these violent tactics. Bob here prefers a video from Leon County of LEOs standing in cowardice safety for 75mins while children are murdered because they don’t have the skills, training, and attitude to do what needs to be done. I’m happy to see my tax dollars go to train our LEOs for situations and events like this, id pay more taxes if i knew it would go to training like this. Its a joke how these soy boys trash on the men who do what it takes to keep the sheep safe from the wolves, and don’t be naïve, there are wolves out there. Bob will be the first to cry for a man with a gun to come save him when he needs it, god forbid, and he probably wants one of these men to come if the situation is violent… get real man, wake up, your so oblivious, you need help. stick to writing reviews for coffee, and advocacy opinions for matlow and porter.

    1. Even the cops know they don’t prevent shit from happening; they can show up after the fact, chase down a perp, or even (best case scenario, like the Dayton shooter) stop the threat after its already done massive damage. The whole “sheepdogs protecting the sheep from wolves” is just jingoist propaganda for the absolute lowest-level critical thinkers in society to consume and regurgitate.

  164. What a shame, I used to enjoy reading OT content. OT, while openly and clearly Left, used to have decent journalism and interesting reads, even for Righties. While I typically did not agree with the fundamentals of the older articles they were nonetheless interesting and worth (valuable) reads. Real disappointment to see the new normal for OT is just regurgitated content from TD authors (mostly proven, and community accepted, trash) and recycled perspectives that hold no water. Stop drinking the leftist cool aide and return to investigative journalism with factual supports. sad to think i actually used to tell my friend (righties) to read this content, just embarrassing at this point.

    1. Precisely what information contained in the article are you alleging isn’t factual? Because you seem to be engaging in a tricky attempt to accomplish two things at once here: 1) discredit the reporting by implying and 2) level accusations of plagiarism in order to cast aspersions on the reporting.

      What exactly in the article consists of “leftist cool aide [sic]” and if it’s fake or untrue, then why did TPD feel it necessary to issue a denial (that looks like a poorly conceived lie)?

      1. Common man! LOL. You might not read so well

        See if you can objectively gather the information below and then try to re-understand my prior post, extra credit do this little task for other OT articles and you’ll get the fundamental basis i must be “implying and..” what?




        Just to give you the answer, the articles (here) are clearly biased disdain toward TPD and the information (from OT) is select to the reader to advance that narrative. Its plainly obvious to anyone who wants the full context of the situations. My point is simple, find clear factual instances that compel us (the readers) to the common answer… and reasonable people will support the cause. Nobody wants this smoke and mirrors tactics about watch a recruitment video and speculate about a training facility to come to some conclusions about TPD the author wants readers to come too.

  165. It’s only a “BIG LIE” to the Democrats. If they Audit every County, I will bet that there WAS Wide Spread Voting Fraud, maybe not enough to overturn the Election but, to prove TRUMP was RIGHT.

  166. I going to try this again since my FIRST Post wasn’t printed……. It is only called the “BIG LIE” because the Democrats are scared of the Truth. Every County they did a Voter Audit on they FOUND Voter Fraud. If they Audit every County, I will bet that MOST of them will show Voter fraud. It may not be enough to overturn the Election BUT, it WILL show MASS Election Fraud making the Democrats WRONG…AGAIN.

    1. Why are you assuming that voter fraud only exists among democrats? I seem to remember four residents of the Villages voting twice

  167. What an indictment on 4tlh, bundled contributions, Seminole Boosters, candidates who file election complaints against their opponents, negative attack ads… This tack has capsized Mayor Dailey.

    Clear sailing ahead for Kristen Dozier as she will easily win in November. Not only did Dozier do the right thing and NOT vote for the $27 million giveaway she spearheaded the campaign to vote against it and stepped up.

  168. Yet one more example of why we need a nationwide search for a new city manager.

    The deck is stacked against those who ask legitimate questions. I believe we should go further up the chain to get to the root of a lot of these problems. Jeremy Matlow is the proponent of a new city manager. Perhaps Tallahassee can move forward on this issue with new leadership in the mayor’s office.

  169. Crazy how if your not part of the Good ole Boys and Girls club your shunned. I wouldn’t want the job if I were him. The way crime is in this Town it’s only getting worse. This didn’t just start getting this way it’s been getting dangerous for years and years now. They will look for a scapegoat to push the blame on. Let the animals run free. Officer training should be talking to a person in a calm matter as a gun is being pointed at their head or politely knocking on a drug dealers or Armed robbery , Rape , kidnapping , assault suspects door and asking them to please come out and let them search the house. Certainly not kicking in doors to lock up these parasites up. Lets see how people feel when it’s on their doorsteps in the better neighborhoods like Killearn, Betton, killearn Estates and so on. I have a idea maybe they can replace him with Scott Maddox? Or Andrew Gillum ? That’s something to think on. Well enough of my suggestions until the Next batch of politicians get swept up in the next Investigation. (Coming soon! )

  170. This is all part of the long running replacement objective. They didn’t want him and still don’t want him. I’m no huge Revell fan, but the fact remains: Cops are not trained to deal with criminals who are trained.
    Meaning, cops do okay against common knuckle head criminals but they will not be able to deal with a criminal or terrorist event based on what they learn in a Police Academy. Most Police tactics are never vetted against somebody who knows what they are doing. If we, as a community, want an element inside the first responder options that has actually been taught things that have been shown to work against a trained and motivated opponent, the US military is the best source. Does nobody on the commission understand that “training camps” for extremists exist here in the US? Nobody at that training center even knows Police Policy or Police Use of Force. They don’t teach who or when to use these techniques, they teach how.

  171. Don’t forget that FSU has contaminated the groundwater in the Apalachicola National Forest with radioactive waste right here in Leon County. You probably don’t know about this because local media has largely covered it up. A Settlement Agreement last year between then FSU President John Thrasher representing the FSU Board of Trustees and the United States Forest Service on March 29, 2021 requiring FSU to clean up the contamination has remained largely unreported.

    Edward Holifield, M.D.

  172. 18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law
    U.S. Code
    prev | next
    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

  173. MacKenzie Hayes is a bloody hero, and Florida’s government has once again demonstrated its commitment to being the most hateful and inequitable misgovernance possible.

  174. This is straight bullshit and I know this for a fact. Jack Campbell has many African-American and Hispanic employees and friends. I worked with an African-American attorney that was personal friends and professional relationship with Mr. Campbell and his staff for many many years. Mr. Campbell is gone out of his way to show what an outstanding state attorney. This is a hostile employee that lasted five days with state attorneys office.

    1. Are you seriously using the “Most of my friends are Black defense?” Even his correction is racist, the fact that the person is undocumented should have no affect on the person’s punishment. They’re not supposed to double down because the person is from another country and they can’t verify their background. There are still counties in the U.S. that don’t update their criminal records nationally, which ultimately has the same result of not knowing a person’s criminal history, IF THEY HAVE ONE. One should NOT ASSUME, just because they came to this country for better opportunities, like Mr. Campbell’s ancestors did, that they are criminals.

    2. When somebody tells you who they are, believe them. The “excuse” for the written error is hilarious, perhaps if you turned your hood around so you can see out the eye holes, you might find the truth. Thursday Update: Since publishing, Campbell has confirmed the documents authenticity, stating to the Tallahassee Democrat in part: Campbell stated that the policy should have stated “Undocumented immigrant,” not “Hispanic,”.

  175. Jefferson County Florida? This does not surprise me at all. I lived there for a few years and know how the majority of caucasian people there think and behave. I once broke down at the Winn-Dixie and this guy stopped to help. He was under my hood when he said to me, “I bet you’re glad one of those n!#@$*s over there didn’t stop to help you.” I told him to get the f!@k out of my car or I would ram the hood down on his neck. I called AAA.

  176. There needs to be a Federal investigation by the DOJ. Each case which involves an Hispanic person needs to be revisited. These folks need to lose their law licenses and I expect there will be huge lawsuits brought. Buckle up, Buttercups! The, “Uh, we meant to say “Illegal Immigrants” are held to a tougher standard than Whites” certainly isn’t going to fly. Wow.

  177. I’ve heard this guy that wrote the racist memo is about to be promoted for the second time since the memo scandal a year ago. These apologies are empty without action.

  178. How can I talk to someone from OurTallahassee about Chief Revell and the policies of the TPD?

  179. “ varied opinions that our city desperately, desperately needs”. No Even Power, what you really can’t stand is the fact that we are a blue dot in a red sea and as republicans have shown over and over again, if you can’t win , you cheat.
    If you want to be surrounded by your varied varied opinions, move to Sarasota

  180. There are numerous dumpster fires all over the city that are burning out of control due to the incompetence and misuse of staff and resources by the city manager and mayor.

    There is important issue after issue that needs attention that is never brought back to the commission for review. The mayor and city manager are too busy working on schemes and misusing taxpayer dollars and city resources to engineer these schemes.

    If this is a police matter, the law enforcement agency should handle it and the involvement by the city manager into this matter went far beyond being inappropriate; the city manager misused staff and resources.

    Perhaps you can do an article on all the forgotten items that are supposed to be brought back to the city commissioners for review that the city manager has failed to follow through on. I don’t think it would be one article. It would probably have to be a series of articles to cover all the forgotten items due to the city manager’s preoccupation with the mayors obsession with misusing staff and resources to carry out political vendettas.

  181. What is wrong with this picture? Why isn’t Evan Power being held accountable for failing to get Republicans elected in Tallahassee? I think they need to start there first. Democrats must be celebrating at the news of Evan Power becoming their republican state chair of the GOP.

  182. City Hall has been hit with an ethics complaint against the city manager for misusing funds. It seems the city manager is paying Steve Stewart to run a smear campaign against political adversaries (at the mayor’s direction). These payments serve no public purpose and is a misuse of tax dollars. Let’s see how effective the ethics board will be in addressing corruption at City Hall?

    Also, the ethics board is one of the issues that the city manager has dropped the ball on and failing to bring back to the city commissioners to fill vacancies that have been left long open and overdue to be filled.

  183. Is it true that the mayor’s obstinance is retaliation for not getting an endorsement?

    It was only a few weeks ago that the mayor threatened to take away fire services from county residents after someone offered to assist in negotiations. That incident sparked a threat from the mayor to take away fire services from County residents.

    I believe what we have is an unhinged mayor who does not have the temperament needed to serve the citizens he took an oath to serve.

    The city manager shows no leadership and is solely a waterboy to the mayo precipitating other deficiencies such as massive sewage spills, developments in noncompliance, environmental fines, and a huge airport deal falling apart. Although, everyone knew the airport deal was a campaign publicity stunt and was not based on a solid foundation to begin with.

  184. Mayor Dailey and City Manager Reese Goad are too busy working out deals with developers who siphon “bundled contributions” into the tax and spend threes campaigns. Not putting the Firefighters first is unconscionable.

    The deals that the mayor and city manager work out with developers takes an even darker side when they are allowing developers to forego paying concurrency fees. These developers need to pay their fair share to compensate for the road work and redesigns of sewer lines to withstand the new development capacities. The amount of money that the developers should be paying is massive, yet, the developers (Ghazvini) open multiple upon multiple corporations and the money that should be going to roads and sewer improvements are going to the Mayor Dailey, Dianne Williams-Cox, and Curtis Richardson political campaigns through these multiple corporations known as bundled contributions.

    Hence, the numerous sewage spills and environmental damage that is occurring around Tallahassee because developers are not paying their fair share to make the necessary improvements; the money is being diverted into three people’s campaigns… the same three that are holding up the firefighters negotiations.

    Reese Goad is not a city manager. He is a facilitator of bribes for three city elected officials… Mayor Dailey, Dianne Williams Cox and Curtis Richardson.

  185. It seems like the liquid in the Tervis tumbler was way more important than what was in the sealed bottle. Did Riley provide a breath sample?

      1. He’s all of thee above,an evil Edomite just like those cops were and they’re all a hated nation of people by the Lord being that they’re descendants of Esau and they have no place in the Lord almighty’s Kingdom of Heaven

    1. Did you actually read the article? You’re lucky there’s no reading and comprehension test that needs to be passed in order to comment online. The rest of us suffer because of that, however.

    2. I’m with darrell b. And before anyone asks, yes, I read the article twice to ensure it says nothing about a breath sample either at the station or on roadside. A “field sobriety test” is not the same thing as blowing into the straw on the portable breathalyzer unit (that is inadmissible anyway).

    1. I totally agree. She just seems like a really bad cop. She was totally wrong and should be terminated with no chance of ever becoming a cop. Fire her ass and put her dumb ass in jail. Racist stupid ass cop.

    2. That’s damn skippy 💯! That’s why I’ll always say up until the day I die that there’s no such damn thing as a good cop,there’s not one single supposedly good cop that stopped the evil spineless female’s cop from doing her evil spineless actions;I’ve watched her entire deposition and it was totally despicable, I hope the trial will be televised on April 5th 2024,I will be watching it if it is

    3. I agree totally! EVERYBODY, including the judge who ruled to NOT to admit Officer Oliver’s testimony and the police cam video! INCREDIBLE INJUSTICE and sticking up for EACH OTHER! What a waste if Chief Revell really sent his OFFICERS out into TALLAHASSEE to create MAYHEM—not—to go after indisputable law breakers, but to BREAK YOUR “OWN” LAWS, MAKE THEM UP AS “GHOST” ARTICLES/POLICIES as Officer Oliver did(breaking a seal, clearly HEARD, of the bottle of liquor FOR EVIDENCE?!)….I’m extremely disappointed in these people and can FOREVER NOT TRUST THEM!!! What a let down, I will certainly give props to those men and women of law enforcement who are HONORABLE. Disgusting behavior and yeah, we “SEE” it!!!

  186. I’m having a hard time understanding how this title relates to what is told. Planting evidence is a very specific allegation.

    1. Then it’s a good thing the cop was caught planting evidence on the body camera footage, isn’t it? Did you even read the article?

      1. The worst part is he’s “having a hard time understanding”. It’s all summarized in the article, yet that’s still too difficult. What hope do we have in the face of such willful and confident ignorance?

      1. …And who ultimately reigns supreme over the police department? The city manager; hence, another disastrously mishandled situation due to mismanagement.

        It is long overdue to replace the city manager and do a nationwide search to restore Tallahassee’s credibility from the mismanagement and damage by the city manager, mayor, and their two accomplices, Richardson and William-Cox.

    2. It was planted Einstein once she broke the seal on the alcohol bottle and threw it back into the car and claimed that the seal on the alcohol bottle was already broken and had it written down in the police report

    3. The title is appropriate. The empty bottle of alcohol was not there before she arrived…she planted it.

    4. Arnold,
      Did you go to school to become stupid or were you just born that way? I mean, really, what is wrong with you⁉️

    1. I saw the deposition video of the female cop Kiersten Oliver and she stumbled all over herself and the trial starts tomorrow April 5th and I wholeheartedly hope that it’ll be televised on YouTube or anywhere else

    1. Her smirking testimony in his trial, in which she repeatedly says “I don’t remember,” says she’s still a cop. What a black eye for Tallahassee and law enforcement. Just a shameful, outrageous embarrassment.

    2. You know that she is because police departments tolerates these kinds of evil spineless actions by their criminal cop;this is why I’ll keep saying until the day I die that there’s no such thing as good cops;these cops turned their body cameras off when they huddled together;this should be real easy for an acquittal of Calvin Riley on April 5th 2024

  187. Then it’s a good thing the cop was caught planting evidence on the body camera footage, isn’t it, Arnold? I hope the jury at Mr. Riley’s trial are allowed to take this into account as the assistant state attorney did her best to have this vital evidence disregarded.

    1. The only reason why any fool including any judge would want to suppress this video showing the evil spineless female cop breaking the seal on that bottle of alcohol and then saying that she thought it was open already is obvious that they didn’t want the real truth to be revealed

  188. The whole department is correct. Starts at the top. They all need fired and sued. But hey, they are cops. One of those corrupt judges will have their back. The Feds need to step in.

  189. While taking the police officer’s exam, Kiersten Oliver answered “I don’t remember” to every question……and passed.

  190. The unfortunate thing is this specific and similar corruption currently happens in Tallahassee on a regular basis. (Amongst a plethora of other corruption). I’m so blessed to have moved up out of that city. I pray Mr. Riley comes out on top of this once it’s all settled and that law enforcement is held accountable for their collective and collaborate ongoing injustices.

    1. That’s damn skippy 💯! Including the supervisor who came there and allowed her and the rest of them to turn off their body cameras;I’d like to know what good are cops having body cameras if they have the ability to turn them off and on, and muted

  191. The fact that this was done by a recruit just goes to show you what they teach in the police academy. It’s like a gang where the recruit has to engage in illegal conduct to make a false arrest to break the rules. So now they know the recruit will do the dirty for the rest of her career.

    1. He was driving with a suspended license and that is illegal.

      I believe the officer needed more training and more supervision.

      There were some errors made here and hopefully they will be corrected.

      This is a good catch on exposing injustices and irregularities and leads to better accountability.

      1. So what you’re telling everybody is that she needs to be trained to never break the seals on alcohol bottles and throw them back into the car and write down on police reports that the seals on the alcohol bottles were already broken and then come to deposition and claim that she THOUGHT! The seal on the alcohol bottle was already broken,well let me tell you something cop bootliquor,one can build and train a boy or a girl to grow up and become a man or a woman but it’s impossible to try and rebuild a grown man or woman to be the man or woman that they should already know how to be,so training doesn’t have a damn thing to do with nothing,it just a 🤬ing cop out for their evil spineless actions

      2. The officer needed more training what an ignorant comment she new dam well when she broke the seal on that bottle and threw it on the passenger side of the car what she was doing was criminal and planting evidence you don’t need more training for that she needs to be fired and her criminal butt locked up…..

  192. This is absolutely unconscionable and unlawful. What is he still on trial for? Driving with a suspended license? That’s worthy of a trial? What a waste of his time and money, as well as that of the tax payers funding the justice system. They are literally letting a jury decide on a crime that didn’t occur for a defendant that is actually the victim.

    1. It’s because they’re still wrongfully holding him for the DUI charge even though the whole world saw the evil spineless female cop breaking the seal on the alcohol bottle and claimed that the seal was already broken;they’re practically saying that our eyes were lying to us

  193. This has to be handle by the FBI and the Feds. Crooked cops are the worst type of humans. PERIOD!!!

    1. And the thing about it is that they’re allowed to investigate themselves and always say that they’ve found to have done nothing wrong

  194. Any and all convictions, past or future are now compromised because of this one case!!! The first thing that’s taught in cop school is most likely how to lie!!! Some officers pass the test. These 3 did not.

    1. It is so disgusting to me! I wonder how many times she has done this tyoe of thing and arrested innocent people! She should be fired NOW and should serve time for such a horrible crime! I AM DISGUSTED!

  195. Either she’s lying about not remembering anything, or she’s experiencing some sort of brain damage that has rendered her memory too impaired to perform her duties, or planting evidence and framing innocent Black men is so commonplace for her that it didn’t leave an impression.

  196. That officer needs to be fired and held accountable! The fact the her actions as a WHITE woman (because race is important in this situation) has led to the ruining of a BLACK man’s life, and all she can say is “I don’t remember” is outrageous and insane. I hope the jury see this case for what it is and that racist cop reap her consequences.


    1. The Bible is right about so many of these kinds of evil spineless spawns of Satan,they’re descendants of Esau(EDOMITES)who are a hated nation of people by the Lord and they have no place in the Lord almighty’s Kingdom of Heaven;Malachi 1:1-4

  197. So the man still has to go to trial? This should have been thrown out by now.
    That officer should be the one in jail.

    1. That’s damn skippy 💯! But inside these United Snakes 🐍 of America,that’s too damn much like being right

  198. I am in shock! It is so obvious that this is a bad cop. She has to be prejudiced either against people of color or all skin colors. The FBI needs to step in. ( Where is Crump?) Please know most people are not prejudiced. But something is wrong with that cop!

    1. Cops are responsible for approx 400% more citizen deaths than every mass shooting in American history COMBINED.

      The standards for performance should be so extraordinarily high, that this lady should be fired immediately simply because she cant recall events she was involved in.

  199. You can CLEARLY hear her open the bottle and CLEARLY hear the sound of her pouring out the liquor. This is disgusting. ARREST HER NOW!!!!!!

  200. First, the video has clearly been edited. Second, it is highly prejudicial to post a story like this prior to the court hearing given that at least one or more jurors could see this story and video before hearing all the evidence and seeing all the police cam footage before edits were made.

    AI was definitely used to create this story and to do the video edits. This makes it highly suspicious and an obvious effort to influence jurors to bring back a not guilty verdict.

    The human behind the creation of the story also failed to obtain any comment from the police department regarding this footage and claim of planting or manipulating evidence. So this is a very one sided and unfair story. It breaks the basic rules of honest journalism and falls into the category of yellow journalism, which is so very prevalent in social media news items today.

    Stories like this lead to conspiracy theories and chaos. They do NOT result in justice for victims or in correcting bad or illegal behavior.

    1. truth reigns. human outward appearance does not. no human is capable of deceit who possess integrity, that’s telling the truth “when no human is looking”


  201. Cops are responsible for approx 400% more citizen deaths than every mass shooting in American history COMBINED.

    The standards for performance should be so extraordinarily high, that this lady should be fired immediately simply because she cant recall events she was involved in.

  202. it’s my civic duty to be heard, especially when not given a mandatory notice for “jury” duty. thanks nc

  203. It’s obvious this guy is guilty…the cops are doing their job and doing what’s necessary to keep a drunk driver off the streets! Besides, he shouldn’t be driving on the streets since his license is suspended! Good on those cops!

    1. The video of the bad lady cop & her fellow conspirators involved in the planting of false evidence & their follow-up collusion should be shown on a TV screen right outside the courtroom or the courthouse during the trial. Play all the audio recordings on a loop as well. The public can see & hear what the corrupt courts won’t allow. Maybe a local TV station or MSNBC could set up their equipment & do this. Then interview members of the public with their reactions live.

    2. You are completely ignorant or you need to lay off that crack pipe.She clearly is a dirty cop and new damn well when she cracked open the bottle that you can clearly hear the seal being broken and show’s her pouring out the full bottle and then tossing it back in the car on the passenger side was criminal and planting evidence. Her a** needs to be fired and locked up. They also need to go back and look at her previous arrest record because certainly this wasn’t a one off criminal act. Just amazing just how ignorant and flat out dumb someone has to be to take the side of the police officers after literally watching and hearing a seal being broken and liquor being poured out and her planting it back in the car how despicable…..

    3. You are a completely ignorant clown or under the influence of something to have read this article and seen the body cam footage of these corrupt criminal cops and reply with the comment that these were good cops just doing their jobs keeping a drunk driver off the roads,and yes he was driving on a suspended license which if it was his first offense the standard practice was to let him off with a warning and worst just give him a ticket. But the elephant in the room was the fact that this was a black man and the officer’s were white can’t be ignored. Clearly you have an agenda and are morally bankrupt……

  204. Perhaps there needs to be a investigation as to the ratio of the arrests for DUI’s between skin colors. The last time I served on jury duty they were prosecuting a young black woman for a DUI. When they questioned the jurors on if anyone had been mistreated by the Leon County courts, I spoke up and said yes I had and explained the situation. That being said, I believe the other jurors listened and caught on quite quickly that whoever was going to be on that jury would be fair. I was not chosen to be on that jury, but the next day and the next few days I looked to see if the defendant had been arrested for a conviction for DUI. Apparently the jurors found her not guilty. When Leon County lets a sheriff go who was driving drunk and hit a car and ran and then they open a bottle of liquor to frame someone of color is unconscionable. I really don’t think that the video was altered, but if it was it needs to be exposed. I believe that the video wasn’t altered.

    1. The state attorney / TPD did not come to the table with clean hands. I thought the jury was fair to the point, but I thought the judge was unfair with the jail sentence.

      Did Evan Power and Sheriff Harvey get a 10-day Jail sentence?

      Will the TPD officer who mishandled and manufactured false evidence be reprimanded, fired, or prosecuted?

      Kudos to bringing this to light and exposing so citizens can watch the cover-up in real time.

      The city manager and state attorney need to to go.

  205. The firefighters resigning over respect The City of Miami or Miami Dade would love to have them. They have brotherly love for one of another. They treat each other captains chiefs regular firefighters with up most respect they are taught throughout training. You are and one and become family. Wow can’t or never heard of disrespect on the department of any kind.

  206. Ha ha! You libtards LOST this one. Drunken Driving is a CRIME period. What if this guy had killed someone. Well, you wouldn’t care. No to YOU all it’s just wacism and ACAB.

    1. Spider,


      I don’t think exposing the officer and receiving over 2 million views is losing. It shows the current administration is deficient. The TPD response is only more evidence of the corrupt culture that exists. Ask the city manager if they have found the perpetrators of the recent $1 million cyber crime theft yet?

      The City of Tallahassee has a $3 million deficit; now with a cyber crime make it $4 million. This shows that the city manager is incompetent in so many areas. We are literally flooding in the incompetence that abounds by the city manager, (Mayor, Williams-Cox, and Curtis Richardson). I assume your name calling of “libtards” refers to them.

      The TPD Chief should be informing the public as what will be the ramifications of the officer’s mishandling of evidence and thanking those who exposed this mishandling to the public.

      When the mayor misuses his position at a 200th birthday celebration to endorse a political candidate, you know this egregious stunt shows an ineptness and corruption so far entrenched the damn has been breached. What city fiasco will be front page news tomorrow?

  207. I have lived in Tallahassee off and on between 1969 and today. From 1973 to 2006 I served as the President & CEO of Associated Industries of Florida, Inc. (AIF), a statewide business association based in Tallahassee that had 10,000+ business members statewide at the high point. The primary Mission of AIF was/is to lobby State Government. Long before I joined AIF, the Board of Directors had made the decision to “not” get involved in any “local governmental” issues, including joining local Chambers of Commerce, although we did provide advice, counsel and funding to some at their requests……the Tallahassee Chamber was not one of those Chambers. Over the years I was able to observe many local Chambers and the Tallahassee Chamber has always had “unique problems” due to the fact that it is located in the “State Capitol” where “everything” is oriented towards “government entities”………………..State, County, City, Universities, etc……………….the priorities in Tallahassee place “business” at the lowest level!!!! This is what the Tallahassee Chamber has always had to deal with. I do not in any way suggest that dishonesty should be tolerated and any level of dishonesty should be dealt with harshly!!!! But, but for the dishonesty of a few, over the many years I observed the Tallahassee Chamber, they truly tried to do things that made it better for the business community which when stacked up against government in Tallahassee is a very small segment employing people. Business in Tallahassee has to compete with the “bloated salaries and benefits” that “government employers” provide to get and retain employees. As to recruiting high paying jobs to Tallahassee, there are a number of factors that make it very difficult to get this done and a major factor is that private business simply cannot compete with the high salaries and benefits of the governmental entities in Tallahassee. In addition, it is difficult to find employees in Tallahassee who have the training required by many businesses. For example, in the 1980’s I started an insurance company owned by AIF which we intended to locate in Tallahassee but we could find no employees in Tallahassee who had the training and licenses to become the employees of the company even though the Department of Insurance, located in Tallahassee, has over 400 employees, and FSU has a School of Insurance. We located the AIF insurance company in Boca Raton where there were people trained and licensed to become our employees and today the company, which we sold in 2008, is the largest workers’ compensation insurance company in Florida with around 500 employees and is part of the twenty-second (22nd) largest insurance company in the world. You simply can’t attract high paying jobs to your city if your work force does not have basis qualifications to become employees. Many of the jobs in Tallahassee are there “because the State Capitol is there” and in a number of ways it is a negative for a new business to place new jobs in any State Capitol of any of the States unless they are jobs connected with doing business with the governmental entities located in the Capitol City. IN MY OPINION, THE TALLAHASSEE CHAMBER HAS DONE A “GOOD JOB” OVER MANY YEARS ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING THE COMPLEX AND COMPETITIVE GOVERNMENTAL ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH THEY HAVE HAD TO OPERATE. TALLAHASSEE IS A TOWN OF “GOVERNMENT JOBS” NOT “PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS”!!!!!! THE CHAMBER HAS A “FIGHT” EVERY DAY TO GET RECOGNITION FOR THE NEEDS OF PRIVATE EMPLOYERS IN TALLAHASSEE. IT IS THE “TOTAL GOVERNMENTAL ENVIRONMENT” IN TALLAHASSEE THAT IS THE MAJOR HINDERANCE TO THE CREATION OF PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS OTHER THAN JOBS DIRECTLY RELATED TO GOVERNMENT. FINALLY, IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY IMPRESSION THAT BECAUSE THE CHAMBER IS IN A “GOVERNMENT TOWN” IT IS ALL TOO OFTEN REQUIRED TO FIGHT A “DEFENSIVE BATTLE” RATHER THAN SPENDING IT’S TIME “ADVOCATING WHAT IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS”!!!!(DISCLOSURE: I HAVE NEVER BEEN A MEMBER OF AND HAVE NO CONNECTION OF ANY KIND TO THE TALLAHASSEE CHAMBER.)

  208. Dadgum! He WAS guilty, without giving a breath sample or anything.

    I guess I will pack my bags and go back to Edom now ……..