Mayor John Dailey Responds to Calls For Him to Return $23,050 in Seminole Boosters Money Before Vote | VIDEO

February 16, 2022


February 16, 2022,

1:47 pm //


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4 Responses

  1. Last time I checked only 4 percent of the tenured professors at FSU are black. Yet not a single black politician including Bill proctor, Carolyn Cummings, Curtis Richardson, Dianne Cox, and Nick Maddox opposed the Blueprint decision to give FSU $27 million for a football stadium named after a white man, Doak Campbell, who despised black people. This is a betrayal by our own political leaders. Meanwhile black freshman undergraduate enrollment plummeted 42 percent between 1995 and 2011 as reported in the New York Times. What we have at FSU is pure greed. They are well positioned to raise their own money unlike the people in South City where childhood poverty in some communities is as high as 80.1 percent. Further, in past years the Seminole Boosters have already received a ton of tax money from the CRA. FSU President Richard McCullough should immediately withdraw his request for the Blueprint tax money. By refusing to do so he will document the fact that a moral compass at FSU does not exist.

  2. I am Running for Office for 2022. David T. Hawkins for Leon County Commissioner, District 5. As of right now, I believe I am the only Candidate that Honestly say that “EVERY DIME in my Campaign Account came out of my own Pocket”. I have not asked for Donations from anyone and don’t plan to for this very reason. I feel I have enough to run my Campaign and if I need a little more, I will open MY Wallet. A Vote for Me, IS a Vote you YOU. I don’t want your Money, I want your Vote. It would be an Honor to work for You. Please visit my Campaign Web Site at Hawkins2022.com

  3. John Dailey, Nick Maddox, and Diane Williams-Cox will lose their seats for re-election in November. They could have at least had FSU pay us back in the form of scholarships for our youth in Tallahassee. Bill Proctor should have voted against this to begin with; hopefully he will change his vote. Now let’s see if they manipulate Richardson or Cox into changing their vote so Dailey can save face with the Seminole Boosters. If Cox has any chance of being re-elected she will have to change her vote to NO.

    FSU and the Seminole Boosters have the resources to raise the funds on their own. This issue should have never made it this far and shows how our elected officials are out of touch.

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