Full Documents of the FBI Trial: Read the Text Messages that Landed Three People Guilty of Bribery

By Staff

August 17, 2021

Justice Begins in Tallahassee. 

View Records Just Released in the FBI Public Corruption Case.

Following Friday’s verdict on five out of nine counts against Tallahassee developer JT Burnette, the government has released thousands of text, transcript and photographic exhibits that were part of the case against Burnette. 

We’ve included the records at the bottom of this article, and compiled the highlights of them below. 

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below if you find anything interesting.


Scott Maddox takes the stand in federal corruption trial against J.T. Burnette

See the four checks to Governance Inc., a lobbying firm controlled by former City Commissioner Scott Maddox and his girlfriend Paige Carter-Smith that changed Tallahassee political history forever. 

The checks, written by a fictitious FBI agent ran front company, Southern Pine Development, the four checks total represented a $10,000 retainer between the FBI agents and Maddox. 

(Source: Attachment 9, page 31)


Text messages suggest Scott Maddox orchestrated Rick Minor exiting the race for City Commission Seat 1 in 2016

“Did you talk to Rick Minor? :)” Burnette texted.

“Yes, he is deciding tonight” Maddox replied.

 “Nice work” Burnette said.


One day later, Minor and Pugh withdrew from the race for City Commission Seat 1. Maddox at the time was running for Leon County Superintendent of Schools, before withdrawing from the race to run for re-election to his seat on the City Commission.

(Source: Page 32 of Attachment 10)  

Transcript from the undercover recordings at Las Vegas Strip Club.

(Source page 92 of Attachment 15



At almost 1 AM in a Vegas Strip Club, Maddox and Burnette pitch the sale of public land to UC FBI agents, discussing how to make sure that their company wins the RFP.


Maddox, on Myers Park. 

(Source Page 154 of Attachment 15)



“Thick as thieves,” 

Burnette directs FBI to retain Will Butler due to his close relationship with County Administrator Vince Long.  

(Source Page 18 of Attachment 16)


“[Drew Jones] is effectively is the guy sitting in the back of every commission meeting and texting exactly what the outcome will be” 

(Source Page 66, Attachment 16)


“Drew runs the campaign of everybody who wins an election (inaudible). Well, when somebody tells you they want to run, it’s a simple question: Is VancoreJones repping, right?” 

“If they’re not, I’m out.” Burnette told federal investigators.

“Look, there’ s two people who kind of – if you go to a commission meeting, there’s two people there that nobody knows that are texting every commissioner and basically saying where you stand in the line” Burnette speaking of Jones and Butler. 


Attachment 16)


Burnette discussing the plan to develop Myer’s Park, the public fallout around Myer’s Park plan becoming public, and how Drew Jones was brought in to fix it by Rick Fernandez. 

(Source Page 143, Attachment 16)




“What I tell people about a lobbyist all the time is I’m not like when you hire a lobbyist or as a lobbyist when I give campaign contributions, I am not buying a vote. I’m creating a relationship that allows you to tell your story,” said Paige Carter-Smith.Image

“you went to Vegas with J.T. How can you vote on any of his shit?” UC Sweets asked.

“No. I said I will look at depending on each whatever the vote is, I’ll look at it when it comes up. I think you’re gonna be fine. I think you’re gonna be fine.” Maddox replied.

“That’s a must” Burnette replied to suggestions from undercover FBI agents that they order little people dancers in Vegas.



[former Leon County Commissioner] Bryan Desloge is actually now the president… of the Florida I’m sorry — the National League of Counties, or something”…”So he’s got a lot of pull on the local level with Vince, because he gives Vince some access”Image

The moment Mike Sweets met Scott Maddox, captured on undercover FBI recording devices. 

(Source Page 94. Attachment 26. ourtallahassee.com/wp-content/upl…)



“So, Vancore Jones is…” Mike Sweets asked. 

“The one with the real juice” Burnette replied. 

“Yeah, They’re, so, they are the ones you pay $15,000 .”

(Source Page 122, Attachment 26. ourtallahassee.com/wp-content/upl…)




Government Exhibit 1


Use this to find which evidence number you want to look at, and then cross reference which exhibit range attachment below it falls into.

These are large files and based viewed on Desktop/Laptop and not on mobile. 

Please leave anything interesting you find in the comment section below!

🔥 Government Exhibits 2 🔥 📹

# 2 Govt Exhibits 4-91h

Contains many undercover recording transcripts between UC Sweets, Burnette. 

Government Exhibits 3

# 3 Govt Exhibits 92a-92d

City Commission Meeting Minutes

Government Exhibits 4

# 4 Govt Exhibits 92f-93f

Transcripts of City Commission Meetings.

Government Exhibits 5

# 5 Govt Exhibits 94-118

City Commission Meeting Transcripts. Towards the end of the document are corporate emails between previous owner of DoubleTree and Burnette.

Government Exhibits 6

# 6 Govt Exhibit 121 (pgs 1-38)

DoubleTree Purchase/Sale Agreement Contract Documents

Government Exhibits 7

# 7 Govt Exhibit 121s (pgs 39-62) thru 145

DoubleTree Purchase/Sale Agreement Contract Documents Continued

Government Exhibits 8

# 8 Govt Exhibits 146-171

KaiserKane/Governance Lobbying Contract Details. Towards the end of the document, text messages taken by the FBI are available.

Government Exhibits 9

# 9 Govt Exhibits 172-187

Photographs of Checks written to Governance Inc., Paige Carter-Smith and Scott Maddox lobbying firm on page 31.

🔥Government Exhibits 10 🔥

# 10 Govt Exhibit 201

Text messages between Scott Maddox and JT Burnette.

Government Exhibits 11

# 11 Govt Exhibits 203-405

Some texts between Burnette and Mike Sweets. Plea agreement with Paige Carter-Smith. E-mails between McKibbon and City of Tallahassee. UC Miller and Burnette from September 20-21, 2016. Discussion of VancoreJones, Fallschase deal. Welaunee. Transcript from November 11th, 2016.

Government Exhibits 12

# 12 Govt Exhibits 406-410

McKibbon hotel conversation between Maddox, Carter-Smith, and Burnette.

Attorney Tim Jansen, representing JT Burnette walks into the Federal Courthouse.

Defense Exhibits 13

# 13 Def Exhibits 4-27

City Commission Meeting Minutes.

Defense Exhibits 14 

# 14 Def Exhibits 30-107

KaiserKane notes, DoubleTree sale assessment e-mails.


🔥Defense Exhibits 15  🔥

# 15 Def Exhibits 109-230

Las Vegas Recording Begins on Page 92. Discussion of Myers Park Development, how to rig an RFP for UC FBI agents to buy the City owned property.

🔥Defense Exhibits 16 🔥

# 16 Def Exhibits 232-346

Page 46 begins an undercover recording from 12/1/2015 where Burnette discusses how to get things done in Tallahassee with Will Butler and Drew Jones.

🔥Defense Exhibits 17🔥

# 17 Def Exhibits 348-392

Emails, Text Messages and UC transcripts of meetings between Burnette and FBI. Fallschase, Myers Park. Killearn Estates.

Defense Exhibits 18

# 18 Def Exhibits 397-625j

Tallahassee/Leon County Comp Plan Meeting. Phone activity and phone call spreadsheets between Maddox and Burnette.

Defense Exhibits 19

# 19 Def Exhibit 625k (pgs 1-59)

More phone activity and phone calls spreadsheet logs.

Defense Exhibits 20

# 20 Def Exhibit 625k (pgs 60-120)

More phone activity and phone calls spreadsheet logs.

Defense Exhibits 21

# 21 Def Exhibit 625k (pgs 121-189)

More phone activity and phone calls spreadsheet logs.

Defense Exhibits 22

# 22 Def Exhibit 625k (pgs 190-254)

More phone activity and phone calls spreadsheet logs.

Defense Exhibits 23

# 23 Def Exhibit 625k (pgs 255-277)

More phone activity and phone calls spreadsheet logs.

Defense Exhibits 24

# 24 Def Exhibits 625l-625m

More phone activity and phone calls spreadsheet logs.

Defense Exhibits 25

# 25 Def Exhibits 625n-647

More phone activity and phone calls spreadsheet logs. City Commission Meeting minutes about Imagine Tallahassee, and Imagine Tallahassee internal documents.

Defense Exhibits 26

# 26 Def Exhibits 664-973)

Text message communications between McKibbon group representatives and Burnette. Vegas Transcripts resume on page 61.

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