FAMU Alumnus Vince Evans Being Recruited to Run For Tallahassee Mayor


October 18, 2021

A draft campaign is underway to recruit Tallahassee’s Vince Evans to run for Mayor of Tallahassee. Evans, a FAMU alumnus has spent his career through every rung of government, including working at Tallahassee City Hall, the Florida Legislature, US Congress, and the White House.

Evans has worked for President Joe Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris, US Rep. Al Lawson, and Tallahassee City Commissioner Curtis Richardson. 

Evans is currently the Deputy Director of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs at the Office of the Vice President in Washington D.C.

“Vince has been a fighter for people his entire career. But it’s his Tallahassee roots as an organizer on FAMU’s campus and his ability to get the job done at the highest level that makes him the ideal candidate for Mayor at this moment in history.” the website reads.

Evans’ potential may not just be a local interest.

Democrats in Washington D.C. have taken an interest in the potential of Evans running for Mayor as well. If elected, Evans could be a solid Biden-Harris asset in Florida. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is rumored to be the leading Republican candidate against Biden-Harris in 2024. Evans could serve as an important administration voice, able to combat the DeSantis narrative across the street in Tallahassee with a platform in the media, which would undoubtedly be a valuable asset for the administration.

Evans has long Tallahassee ties; after graduating from FAMU, he worked for Tallahassee City Commissioner Curtis Richardson and Tallahassee’s Rep. Al Lawson for years. Evans is the former President of FAMU College Democrats and credits FAMU with his formation as a young man and public servant. 

Evans with President Biden on the Campaign Trail (2020)

The website describes the kind of Mayor that Evans would be:

“He’s unafraid to stand up to the powerful, to work for our neighbors and safeguard our precious local tax dollars.

Together, a new majority can usher in a bold new era of people-centered public investment, protect our neighborhoods, build our sidewalks, transition our utility to a renewable future, build real affordable housing, expand access to broadband, grow locally-owned business, preserve our environment and put the people that live here first.

When we draft Vince Evans, we can finally prioritize the needs of our community and put an end to the bitterness of business as usual in Tallahassee.

We believe the future is bright. We’re going to fight for our workers, our public unions, our wages, our neighbors, and our families– but we need your help. “

Organizers are asking those who support Evans to run for Mayor to fill out the form at www.VinceForTallahassee.com/join to support his potential run for Mayor.

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  1. I’ll tell you this.. he was a STAND UP MAN during the Dream Defenders sit in. He worked for Alan Williams at that time. He was able to help us feed the protesters EVERY DAY they were there. He NEVER missed a beat and he was there every step of the way. Period!

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