D.R. Horton’s First Leon County Rezonings, Development: Southwood Plantation Road

The country's largest development company is finally seeking government approvals in Leon County. A look inside the pending real estate deals looking for local government approval next week.

// March 18, 2022,

9:27 am

Updated:March 18, 2022

D.R. Horton, the Country’s most prominent residential developer, has issued three proposed developments, which will be considered on next week’s comprehensive plan amendment workshop for the 2022 cycle. 

All three are on the agenda for next week’s Joint City-County Comp Plan workshop. To the best of our knowledge, these three developments represent the first D.R. Horton developments in Leon County.

D.R. Horton plans to use St. Joe-owned land to construct their first two of three residential developments, primarily around Southwood.


Southwood region d.r. horton Project 1: ‘Southwood plantation road’

“I respectfully question the legality of the notice for this rezoning. The sign placed at April Road and the Parkway bears the address of the LMA for Woodville Highway as does the photographic attachment of the sign to the staff report for MA 202201. The staff report indicates the maximum units per acre is 3.63 and the maximum total units is 649. This is obviously referring to the total acreage rather than actual buildable acres due to the large wetland.”

“I am seriously concerned about the adverse impacts on the environment and infrastructure that are
inevitable if this proposal is implemented. Wetland preservation is critical for so many things, not just wildlife and flood mitigation but aquifer recharge. It is not just our preservation neighborhood of Windwood Hills that would be ffected, but a much broader area. I urge in the strongest manner that development of this natural resource be disallowed and stronger protections be enacted.”

Southwood region d.r. horton project part 2: ‘April Road’

Woodville Highway D.R. Horton Project 3

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  1. Someone should do an investigative report the Boulos Corporation for their horrendous project on Apalachee Parkway. Someone had to be bribed with campaign contributions to let such a horrendous project be allowed on a major Gateway into Tallahassee.

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