Update: Former Sheriff David Harvey Engaged with Commissioners for Wakulla Springs Gas Station Deal

The Former Sheriff of Wakulla County's involvement in the controversial deal was not disclosed publicly previously.

// February 19, 2022,

4:35 pm

Updated:February 19, 2022

This Tuesday at 5:00 PM, Wakulla’s County Commissioners will decide whether to amend their planning rules so a gas station can be built over a Wakulla Springs Cave. But as they prepare for the meeting, a new detail has emerged.

Former Wakulla County Sheriff David Harvey, whose tenure was mired in scandal, has joined a delegation of Southwest Georgia Oil Company representatives in taking at least one county commissioner on a tour of the proposed site. It is unclear if Harvey has a business stake in the project, but he is said to be close friends with a key figure at the gas company.

Wakulla County does not have a lobbyist registration, which allows those paid to influence Wakulla County public policy to operate with no transparency to the public about who is receiving payment to attempt to influence public policy. In his time after office, Harvey has operated a for-profit company that lists on it’s website “governmental consulting” as one of the services his firm provides. 

“David F. Harvey & Associates, llc has the expertise and experience you need in local and state government affairs. Sheriff Harvey is well connected with policymakers and government agencies throughout the state,” the website reads.

“Harvey has called Wakulla County home his entire life. Now he has partnered with dedicated, top-producing professionals to meet the specialized needs of his local community,” it says in promoting Harvey’s services. Harvey’s website says his services include “making sure the proper government officials hear and understand your side of an issue before making a decision.”

“Harvey wants to be your trusted advisor.”

This story will be updated as further details become available.

Our Tallahassee has opposed the project and encouraged Wakulla County residents to fill out this form to e-mail County Commissioners expressing their opposition to the deal. 

Intersection of Highway 319 and State Road 267
Diver inside the cave in question, taken by the Woodville Karst Plain Project

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  1. This is Our County not Yours as your slogan suggests! We do not tell Leon County what they should or should not approve and truth be told had it not been for Leon County’s pollution draining South we would still be able to see Henry jump over the pole!

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