John Dailey Reelection Campaign Got $23,050 in Donations from Seminole Boosters Before Stadium Vote

Just Weeks Before the Critical Stadium Vote, Dailey's Reelection Campaign Received Twenty Five Checks from Seminole Boosters, FSU Leadership.

February 16th, 3 PM Update: Mayor John Dailey has responded to the reporting, issuing a bizarre answer that conflated his contributions from the Seminole Boosters to voter-suppression, Gaines Street Pies, and alumni of FSU versus leadership of the Boosters.

Original Reporting: 

Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey’s reelection campaign report was flush with donations from at least twenty-five checks from the Seminole Boosters, FSU Board of Trustees, and FSU Leadership in the days before voting on the $27 million dollar Seminole Booster’s stadium deal. In January, our research shows that the collective force of FSU Leadership gave Dailey’s reelection campaign at least $23,050. Most of them haven’t ever contributed to a local political campaign before.

Florida State Board of Trustees and their associated companies, which came from five current sitting members of the FSU Board of Trustees, totaled $9,000. Seminole Boosters Current and former Chairs, Vice Chairs, and Board of Directors contributed $8,000 to Dailey. At the same time, those associated with the FSU Foundation, Real Estate Foundation, and FSU Presidential Search Committees gave $6,050.

“Hey, look, bottom line is, tonight, do you support Florida State or do you not?” Dailey said at the May 27th, 2021 Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency meeting. “I support the University.”

 Despite widespread public opposition, Dailey has been an unwavering supporter of the project. “Let’s just vote on this and move forward,” Dailey said, encouraging his colleagues to not debate the issue.

Leon County Supervisor of Elections records date back to 2010 online for campaign donations. An analysis of the twenty-five entities which donated to Dailey’s reelection campaign shows that fifteen of the entities have never given to Leon County political races before donating to Dailey’s campaign. Dailey was the only one of his colleagues who received this level of coordinated donations from the Boosters.

The final vote on the Seminole Boosters stadium deal is February 24th, 2022, at 3 PM at City Hall.

The Mayor has not responded to a request for comment.


Donor Name

History donating

Role within Leadership at FSU
$1,000 Craig Mateer


FSU Board of Trustee 2022
$1,000 Clydes and Costellos


FSU Board of Trustee 2022/Craig Mateer Business
$1,000 College Ave District License


FSU Board of Trustee 2022/Craig Mateer Business
$1,000 Jason Mahoney


FSU Board of Trustee 2022/Craig Mateer Business Employee
$1,000 The Recess Club of Tallahassee


FSU Board of Trustee 2022/Craig Mateer Business
$1,000 Edward Burr


FSU Board of Trustee 2022 Outgoing Chairman
$1,000 Jim Henderson


FSU Board of Trustee 2022
$1,000 Deborah Sargeant


FSU Board of Trustee 2022
$1,000 Vivian de las Cuevas- Diaz


FSU Board of Trustee 2022
$1,000 Graganella Insurance AgencySeminole Boosters Chairman 2022
$1,000 Charles Dudley PASeminole Boosters Vice Chairman 2022
$1,000 Brent Lindquist


Seminole Boosters Board of Directors 2022
$1,000 Kris KraftSeminole Boosters Chairman 2004
$1,000 A. Lawton LangfordSeminole Boosters Chairman 1994
$1,000 Douglas MannheimerSeminole Boosters Chairman 1993
$1,000 Lance Barton


Seminole Boosters 2017 Board Member
$1,000 Les AkersSeminole Boosters Board of Directors (former), College of Business President’s ClubFSU Alumni Association’s Circle of Gold in 2006.
$1,000 Ashbel Williams


FSU Foundation Board of Trustees Chair 2012
$250 C. Raymond Cottrell


FSU Foundation Board of Trustees
$1,000 Ruth AkersFSU Foundation Board of Trustees
$1,000 Leslie Pantin

Former FSU Board of Trustees / FSU Presidential 2020 Search Committee

$750 Nicholas Iarossi IIIFSU Presidential 2020 Search Committee
$750 Debbie IarossiFSU Presidential 2020 Search Committee Spouse
$1,000 William Lloyd


FSU Real Estate Foundation Board of Directors 2022
$300 Francis Nardozza


FSU Real Estate Foundation Board of Directors 2022

Two excerpts from Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey’s comments in support of the Seminole Boosters deal from May 27th, 2021

Our Tallahassee has issued an editorial opposing the deal, and has encouraged people to email Commissioners in opposition to the deal.


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