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Leon County Teachers Counting the Days Until District Cuts Checks

The LCTA has staked out their position early: future negotiations must conclude before the start of the school year to prevent the previous year’s delays in pay.

“We must send a message that we won’t go beyond the August deadline and be deprived of what we’re owed again,” the union said in a recent Facebook post.

Leon County Republicans Win School Board Seat in 6 Days Due to Rasmussen, Cox Election Rigging

DeeDee Rasmussen held off the announcement of her resignation for at least four months, while Laurie Lawson-Cox claimed she was running for the seat in 2024, collecting thousands from education lobbyists and individuals who endorsed Rasmussen, following her last-minute resignation announcement, the public is left with just days to field any alternative candidate.

A New Message Needed to Stop Mass Shootings

Bob Lotane argues that “gun control” messaging by advocates has fallen short of other successful progressive messaging. Lotane says a new paradigm is needed for talking about “gun control”.

Lotane: Insurance Legislative Session Must Avoid Failed Fixes

Florida Republicans have had virtually unfettered oversight of property insurance for over a generation. Despite their undying adherence to cliches that free markets solve everything, Florida’s insurance industry is in absolute freefall.

Tallahassee Firefighters Endorse Jeremy Matlow

“Commissioner Matlow stepped up for public safety and our first responders in a very big way over the past couple of years,” said Davis, “these have been difficult times for our members and he has not only been willing to listen, but has worked to address some of those problems to ensure we can provide the highest level of public safety.”

Save The English Forest

These geologic features unique to this property are vulnerable to stormwater runoff with elevated pollutants from manmade disturbances. Contaminated water will enter the Floridan Aquifer, manifesting at Wakulla Springs.

ACTION ALERT: Tell Wakulla County Commissioners to Save Our Springs

“Irreparable and catastrophic harm” to Wakulla Springs, say springs experts who have analyzed the pending rezoning of a gas station above the Wakulla Springs cave. Wakulla County Commissioners vote on the deal on February 22nd. Can you send them an email letting them know you support saving our springs?

FSU Responds to Neo-Nazi Student Outrage, “Protecting Freedom of Expression”

“At this time, we are unaware of any actionable activity or offenses,” FSU Associate Vice President for Student Affairs says in response to an FSU Student who was part of the Neo-nazi group Patriot Front, in an email obtained by Our Tallahassee. “FSU also prides itself on protecting freedom of expression and speech and the right to peacefully assemble,”

Our Tallahassee.

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