About Our Tallahassee


Our Tallahassee is a new multi-platform media outlet providing today’s breaking news on government, politics, justice and commentary in Tallahassee and the North Florida region.

Our city is covered by a number of outlets – newspaper, radio, TV and internet. But in these days of media conglomerations and skin-tight news budgets, we know there is room for another voice – especially in this era of nontraditional platforms.

We hope to add a progressive perspective to Tallahassee news that understands that some voices in this city have historically been ignored or stifled. They have been drowned out by the voices of the powerful: the influence of Tallahassee’s old families and untoward business interests. We also know that hard-working volunteers and community activists have already begun to shift the balance in this city.

In recent years, the voices historically drowned out have been speaking up, organizing, and winning elections. Our Tallahassee is dedicated to helping lift up the voices of those who have not been heard, or heard but ignored for far too long.

Together, we’re going to build Our Tallahassee

And we’re going to change our city forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, e-mail admin@ourtallahassee.com, but submission does not guarantee that we will run it.

Yes, whistleblowing is critical to our city's ability to have a truly transparent and fair local government .  We have an attorney who ultimately can advise you if necessary. 

Accordingly, if you would like to contact us safely and anonmously, we recommend using a free service such as ProtonMail to contact us. As long as you don't use a government computer, your identity will be safe through using this sort of service.  After that, our attorney will advise you on any next steps.

We run a new media platform. When it comes to vetting tips, facts, and sources, we're as objective as anyone.

But we are completely transparent about our target audience and mission. We follow the Society of Professional Journalists' ethics code, as well as the International Fact-Checking Network's code of principles.

Yes, you can do so at: https://build.ourtallahassee.com

However, if you are not a United States citizen, legally we are unable to accept a contribution due to federal compliance standards we have to meet.

Additionally, we cannot take money from U.S . government contractors and their spouses. Also, we can't accept more than $350 from U.S. investment advisors. 

Intial start-up capital for OurTallahassee came from private donors.


Email admin@OurTallahassee.com but we will refuse money from groups and people that are against our core values.


For example, anti-immigrant groups, weapon manufacturers, and businesses with a political giving history that are inconsistent with our values. Similarly, groups that work to restrict voting rights and groups that profit from incarceration, and development interests would be examples of advertisers Our Tallahassee would reject.

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For all media inquiries, please contact us here.


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For submissions of opinion editorials and press releases, please email us here.


We can be reached at 850-203-9224 and at admin@ourtallahassee.com


Are you a student in Tallahassee and looking for an opportunity to work on a cutting edge new media project? Apply for a Fall 2022 internship, email your resume here.


We are looking to expand our team for more regular contributing authors to report on Tallahassee and North Florida news, email us here for more information. 


Bob Lotane


Lotane is a philanthropist and passionate community advocate. Lotane moved to Tallahassee from Boston in 2000 after building a wholesale/retail company across New England. Within five years he graduated Magna cum laude from Barry University and earned a Masters degree from FSU. 

At the same time, Lotane navigated his way from an auditor’s position at DBPR to a Plaza Level office at the Capitol. having served as communications director to the Insurance Commissioner and press secretary to Florida’s Chief Financial Officer. Lotane continues his work as a major patron, funding a number of North Florida area charities and social welfare organizations. Lotane lives with his wife Alissa in Brandt Hills.

Jeff VanderMeer

Contributing Editor

Vandermeer is a New York Times best-selling novelist who has written for the Los Angeles Times, among many others. In 2018, his novel Annihilation was made into a film by Paramount Pictures, with future adaptations in development at Netflix and AMC. Compared by the New Yorker to Kafka and Thoreau, VanderMeer engages with current political issues in his fiction, most notably climate change. 

Over the past few years, his rewilding efforts and advocacy have brought Tallahassee a flurry of positive attention in national and international media. VanderMeer has called Tallahassee home for almost 30 years, living in both northeast Tallahassee and the Astoria Park area. Through VanderMeer Creative, he and his wife underwrite a wide range of North Florida social, cultural, and environmental events and groups.

Max Herrle


Herrle is a North Florida public strategy consultant spanning multiple disciplines.  His Leon County local advocacy has been around walkable cities, creating a vibrant downtown and protecting our existing neighborhoods against development special interests.

In local government, Herrle has worked with neighborhoods and issue advocacy campaigns across Leon County to fight for their voices to be heard in a city hall not meant for them. A lifelong Tallahassee resident, he grew up on Buck Lake Road and lives in Tallahassee’s Downtown.